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The wall is a pretty popular place to hang art, pictures, decorative plates, shelves, and the list goes on. But what about decorations that hang from your CEILING?

Unless you are striving to be a minimalist, your walls can sure get crowded in a hurry. 

One thing that I used to do was fill every spot on the wall but still feel like something was off and even maybe… empty. 

Well, what I started realizing and noticing on places like Pinterest, was that I could lessen the load on my walls, and start using some other prime real estate.

You guessed it, the ceiling. 

Decorations that hang from your ceiling pinterest pin

It’ll change the way you view your room as a whole when you start designing.

Just Imagine Decorations That Hang From Your Ceiling Are Pieces of Toast

First off, Think of your house as a piece of toast, okay?

Second, you wouldn’t just heavily butter your toast on one side and then leave the other blank right (Unless that’s your jam, no pun intended)?


So, whenever you’re decorating make sure, just like the toast piece, to spread out your lovely decor pieces around your home and hang some amazing decorations from the ceiling!

Piece of toast with one side buttered relating to decorations that hang from the ceiling photo
Photo courtesy:

So let’s look at some insanely incredible examples of how you could actually start “buttering the whole piece of toast” and spread things out.

Furthermore, check out these 14 unique ways to use decorations that hang from your ceiling.

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Wreaths are pretty usual for a door and lately even a wall in a cool collage of sorts. But what about letting your ceiling have some of that rustic and earthy charm a little?

On the other hand, if you decide to get a more plain type of wreath, you literally have hundreds of ways that you could add to that. Which makes it more of your style and the colors you are looking to add in the room.

Rustic wreaths hanging as decorations
Photo courtesy:

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In the words of Disney’s Encanto, “ Drawers…Floors…DOORS…let’s GO!”

A door is a bit of a bigger commitment per se, but it can be a beautiful addition to a space when hung safely. So here are some ideas to get you started if you wanted to go in this direction. Some would be above an antique buffet, above the head of the bed (please do so safely), or in the kitchen above a kitchen island.

Old door as decor that hangs from the ceiling
Photo courtesy: Pinterest unknown


Look at those stunning windows!

There are so many different kinds, shapes and styles of windows you could procure for your ceiling project. Choose a window frame with or without a pane of glass depending on your certain look for the area.

Beautiful bedroom with old chippy door hanging above the bed
Photo courtesy: Pinterest unknown
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Planks of Wood

Now planks of wood, you might think that’s pretty plain, right? No way! Adding flowers, lights, signs, and that plank can go from blah to beautiful real quick. Get creative and you never know what fun ideas you’ll come up with!

Simple plank of wood with flowers and garland on top of it that is used as one kind of decorations that hang from your ceiling
Photo courtesy: Ryan Price Photography


Hanging baskets from the ceiling is another unexpected one, but it sure yields an incredible result. If you’ve followed me for a while you know that baskets hold a special place in my heart. 

Using any basket is totally an option, but there’s always something about an imperfect woven basket. It absolutely brings a ton of charm and personality.

Woven basket with flowers that hang beautifully from a ceiling above
Photo courtesy:


Signs are for walls AND ceilings, say it with me.

This is one that is darling with an old metal sign like the one below. An idea would be to hang one in between two rooms separating them in a way.

Some like to still hang their signs on the wall, but really high as to give the illusion of it hanging from the ceiling. 

Mercantile sign with lights hanging from a ceiling
Photo Courtesy:

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Lamp Shades

Next, if you’re a shabby chic kind of gal especially, hanging old deconstructed lamp shades can really bring some personality to your home. You can keep the lampshades purely bare and leave it be. But you can also wrap the metal of the shade with some fabric to add a touch of softness as well.

Anyone having an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party?

Metal and fabric wrapped lamp shades hanging from the ceiling
Photo courtesy: Pinterest
DIY fabric tied lamp shade as a DIY decoration that can hang from your ceiling
Photo courtesy: Celebrations At Home Blog

Chris over at Celebrations at Home blog shows us how to have fun making these whimsical lampshades.

Her tutorial is simple yet creative.

In other words, getting the perfect kinds of decorations that hang from your ceiling doesn’t have to be expensive and hard to find!

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Tea Cups

Pretty tea cups filled with flowers hanging from above
Photo courtesy:

I’m going to piggy back off the Alice in Wonderland tea party theme. Hanging tea cups have absolutely been popular as well. With tea cups being so versatile, running to the thrift store to grab a collection would be a breeze.

Plus, you never know when you might need a few extra for an adorable gals brunch sometime!

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Yep, you heard it here.

Fencing can be used as decor to hang from ceiling areas too.

Remember the old door hanging from the ceiling idea? Well, in fact, fencing can be another variation of that. The one thing about using fencing, is that you can absolutely hang things off of the fence to store things up high.

Rusty old fence made into a pot and pan holder that can hang from the ceiling in your kitchen
Photo courtesy: Me and Jilly

More space for the win!

DIY light made from fencing is a fabulous decoration that can hang from your ceiling
Photo Courtesy: Creating a Life

On the other hand, I love the sheer creativity and a just plain good idea from Jeanette from Creating a Life. She brilliantly whipped together an original light fixture from some old fencing from a “junk pile”!

Talk about ingenuity!


Another fan favorite that’s been around of course, is lanterns hanging from your ceiling. 

There is one amazing part about using lanterns. If you ever decide to use those hanging lanterns elsewhere, take them down and use them for tabletop decor!

It’s always fun to showcase other decor by placing it inside that lantern for everyone to see.

Decorative rusty lanterns as decorations that hang from your ceiling
Photo Courtesy: Source
Beautiful hanging decorative lanterns with vases inside make wonderful decorations to hang from your ceiling
Rae Elizabeth’s House

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Well, of course, but I had to say it.

So many different kinds and so little time.

Large amounts of greenery hanging above a dining room table on the ceiling
Photo courtesy:

In addition, the possibilities with this one are mind blowing.

A ladder with greenery and lights as decor hanging from your ceiling
Photo courtesy: Style Me Pretty


Decorative hanging large wood stick hanging from the ceiling
Photo courtesy:

On a budget these days? That’s completely okay.

Twigs and sticks can be easily found in your yard or a neighboring park somewhere. They can be used for decor that hangs from ceiling corners, etc. Like a lot of the others we touched on, twigs paired with greenery and/or flowers is an absolute showstopper.

Decorations that hang from your ceiling can be beautiful AND affordable!


Functional meets decorative.

You might be running out of space in those kitchen cabinets for all of your pots and pans. If so, then investing in a hanging rack might be just what you need.

On the flip side, your pot and pan collection is using less space. Not only that, the whole setup can look quite cool as a cottage style kitchen as well.

Pots and pans as decoration on the kitchen ceiling
Photo courtesy: Shiplap and Shells

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Vintage Scales

Hanging a vintage scale from the ceiling is one of my all time favorite ways to add some interest to my home. As you can see, there are a swarm of different scales out there, new and old.

Vintage weighing scale
Photo courtesy:
Beautiful vintage kitchen scale suspended from the ceiling
Photo Courtesy: Soul and Lane

I had to replicate the vintage scale look, so I found an old barn scale at a small antique shop in a neighboring town. I hung that baby up immediately!

Vintage barn scale as decorations to hang from your ceiling in a dining room
Rae Elizabeth’s House

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Decorations That Hang From Your Ceiling Conclusion

And lastly, I’ve gotta say, let yourself really have some fun with it. Your house, your rules, right? If you decide you want to hang pretty much anything off that ceiling of yours, you show it off, sister!

Don’t let that wall have all the fun!

Finding fun decorations that hang from your ceiling, like all decorating, should be enjoyable, uniquely you, and bring you a little bit of joy! 

The author, Rae, says see you later which a signature

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