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Hey Guys! I wanted to do something a little bit different again this week and give you some ideas for things to do if you are stuck at home. Especially if you are still under stay at home orders or general quarantine. Or hey! Maybe it’s a Saturday and you don’t have anywhere to go or anything going on.

I totally get where you are at, friend. So let’s not waste that day not knowing what to do any longer! Let’s look at some fun and even educational things to do at home!

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25 Smart and Fun Ideas

  1. Try your hand at art. Whether it is drawing, painting, macrame, or anything really!
  2. Get PAID, yes, PAID with Fiverr. Fiverr is one of many websites that let you offer your services to others. Services such as computer skills, designing, voice-overs, or translation are some of the MANY things you can offer others as a side hustle. Click HERE to try it out, friends! It’s pretty cool!
  3. Baking– Try out a new dessert recipe!
  4. Scrapbook– Dig out some family photos and get to work.
  5. Read– Never a bad idea!
  6. Writing letters or “snail mail” to family or friends.
  7. Pinterest baby! I know I could get lost in that for hours. Find my Pinterest HERE.
  8. Binge a TV show – Some good ones are Lost, The Office, My Name is Earl, Raising Hope, Ugly Betty, or Jane the Virgin.
  9. My personal fav- Do a home improvement project!
  10. Play video games – Lately my husband and kids have been enjoying Minecraft on the Xbox one and my husband’s smartphone. It’s multiplayer and allows you to play together on different devices.
  11. Instagram and Facebook– The famous “Time killers”. Check out my Instagram HERE.
  12. Youtube – I know I love watching cleaning videos by “Love Meg” on youtube as motivation for me as I clean my house. She’s really sweet and provides a lot of great motivation for us as we are trying to well, get up and go!
  13. Garden– Go to your local Lowes or Home Depot and get some starter plants to make a small (or a big) new garden!
  14. Listen to music
  15. Puzzles– A puzzle, yeah! Fill up that dining room table with a fun puzzle!
  16. Organize your space!
  17. Play cards or board games. One of my favorites would be the game of “Things”. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.
  18. Deep clean your home! Click HERE to read about how to do some really thorough house cleaning.
  19. Make a Basket Wall – HEY! Come on over HERE and see how to make your very own cute basket wall for your home now!
  20. Learn a new recipe.
  21. Teach yourself how to read music.
  22. Start a BLOG! I believe YOU personally have something you can offer to the world. Why not start a blog about something you are passionate about? If you want a discount on hosting a website click HERE to join Bluehost and get started changing the world with your new blog!
  23. Adult coloring books– This has been all the rage lately. And for good reason! It’s so relaxing and surprisingly fun! Check out some books you can start with below.
  24. Declutter.
  25. Learn something new (and fun) with online courses! I have used Duolingo as a good way to teach myself a new language. And the best part? It’s FREE!!!

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