What To Bring To A Housewarming Party

Guest post by Katie of Giftablee.com

Hello! My name is Katie from the gift ideas and product recommendation blog, Giftablee. I’m so excited to be working with RaeElizabethDesign on this home interior design collaboration. Today, I’m bringing you the top 10 best gifts ideas for what to bring to a housewarming party. Be sure to head over to Giftablee.com to read Rachel’s post How to Make an Old Home Look Modern. You’ll find all our favorite products linked throughout both posts. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters to get our free gifts to you! Now, let’s get started!


My Mamma Mia Covers Review

Hey friends! If you’ve read my previous post about Clever Ways to Restyle then you saw me talk about Mamma Mia Covers. If not, check it out! I basically stated that I had a piece of furniture that was outdated and not the right color for my space. Well, I ended up getting a cover for myself from Mamma Mia and before I knew it, my old chair was like new! If you are thinking of buying with them, hopefully, my very HONEST review will help you make a decision so here is my Mamma Mia Covers Review.


How to Manage Mail Clutter

Beware. We are going for it. Yep, Mail Clutter. We all hate it when it happens. And most of the time, it does happen if we don’t keep on top of it. So let’s bear down and learn how to manage our mail clutter. After this post, you will be on your way to busting that clutter FOR GOOD!


Easy 4th of July Decor

There are a lot of things we do on the Fourth of July. BBQs, get-togethers, parades, and more. If you feel like you want to get in this holiday spirit, then let’s look at some fun and easy 4th of July decor for your home!

easy 4th of July decor

Do you have a hutch, cabinet, or really any larger surface in your room you want to decorate? Spiff it up with some flags, red, white, and blue colors, and maybe some fun summer colors as well.


Guaranteed Ways To Make Father’s Day A Hit: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Our dads have gone through a lot when it came to raising us, or heck maybe he didn’t. Even if he didn’t, Dad deserves a great Father’s day from his favorite child that doesn’t disappoint. Am I right? Let’s make Dad smile with these guaranteed ways to make father’s day special with some Father’s Day gift ideas.

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Clever Ways To Restyle

Bored with your current space lately? You like the decor, the setup, and everything really, but it just needs a fresh new look.

Am I right?

But how do you restyle your home without getting all the new stuff?

Well, let me tell you! Let’s look at some clever ways to restyle your spaces!

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