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Bored with your current space lately? You like the decor, the setup, and everything really, but it just needs a fresh new look. Am I right? But how do you restyle your home without getting all the new stuff? Well, let me tell you! Let’s look at some clever ways to restyle your spaces!

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Do the Shuffle

If you have read my other posts, you would know that I LOVE to rearrange my furniture. It just makes my whole room feel different without buying anything! I think switching things around in your room and changing the layout is a great option for restyling your home. You can do it as many times as you need until it looks just the way you want! And you know what? If you get tired of it again later, shuffle it up again and repeat.


Cover It Up! – With Mamma Mia Covers

Ok so I have recently got this recliner chair cover from Mamma Mia Covers and I can’t say enough good things about it. They are all about covering up any furniture you might have, making it look brand new again! And not only that, but the covers can change up your style completely without having to buy all new furniture! That’s a win. I picked out the vanilla color cover in their velvet collection. Take a look!

den area with a rough looking red chair
den area with a velvet soft white cover on recliner

 They have covers for sofas, recliners, loveseats, armchairs, and more! I am always straight with you guys about the products I recommend to you and these are definitely worth investing in if you want a change, but not all new furniture. They even have Afterpay to make payments. How convenient! They were kind enough to give me a code for money off your purchase! My code is RAE20OFF and I would definitely recommend getting one! Check out their website here.

New Paint, Who’s this?

Now, this is a simple concept but oh so easily forgotten too! You can pick out any paint color under the sun to paint your space and it COMPLETELY changes the look of everything. I painted my living room with my mom several months ago from brown-grey to a creamy white. And you know what? It was crazy how much the room opened up and changed! 


brown walls with decor


white walls with shelf on the wall

Now that doesn’t mean I’m saying always go from a darker color to lighter color, you can always paint your lighter rooms a warmer color or fun color to cozy it up OR give it some new life.

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Pillows and Throws Galore

I’ll give you an example of changing your space with pillows and throws. I like to keep new pillows that match the seasons and holidays and keep a few different blanket colors to match either fall time or spring. It really changes up your colors in your room in a subtle but powerful way. GIve it a try! Even if you go thrifting and find some cheap pillows that match this new season, it will instantly become one of the clever ways you can restyle.

Green Thumb

Haha! Ok, I’m laughing because I realize I have suggested plants to your guys on several blog posts now. It’s safe to say I’m officially turning into not a crazy cat lady, but a crazy PLANT lady. And gosh, I’m proud! 

But seriously plants just do it all in the home decor world. They add life and fresh air to your home! Not only that but they say some plants like Ivys, spider plants, and aloe vera are some of the many plants that help to clean the air in your space. Which means they make for healthier living, even if it’s a small bit. According to Country Living, there are many plants that are great for this purpose!

clever ways to restyle

PSSST! Click on the images below to purchase!

Switch It, Switch It Good

Another way to change the look of things in your room that has now become bland to you, in SWITCHING your light switch covers and outlets to a new style. This is relatively inexpensive and you have SO many options to choose from! I will link a few options for you to try out below!

Swap and Swap Again

Now we’ve talked about rearranging within your same room, but I would suggest going a bit further by taking other furniture from another room and putting it in the room you want to change up. You can even switch your furniture from one room to another easily. Again, This is simple thinking, but sometimes if you’re like me, I tend to forget that my furniture doesn’t actually HAVE TO stay in this same room forever. So go ahead and get creative!

white living room with old cabinet

Thanks for coming along and I hope if you use any of these ideas that you can tag me on Instagram, Which you can find me HERE, and show me what you created! Thanks for coming along as we see clever ways to restyle! If you want to keep reading, COME OVER HERE to see how you can do some spring cleaning to go with your newly restyled space! See you next time!

Tell me in the comments what you want to do to restyle your home!

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