Beginner's Course to Creating a Cohesive Home!

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Secrets to a Coordinated Home

The Only Course You'll Need to Get Your Home to Flow and Coordinate

Hey there, wanna turn your home into a cozy and stylish place just for you?

Say hello to ‘Coordinate Your Home: Achieving the Flow’ mini course!


No fancy decorator lingo here—just you, me, and some awesome slides. Let’s tackle those decorating headaches together, learn some cool tricks, and make your home feel like *yours*.

This course is all about teaching you the tips and tricks to creating the home you have into one that is beautifully cohesive in style and ties in well, flowing seamlessly.

With five chill modules and bonus goodies, it’s like having a design-savvy friend by your side, minus the awkward ‘where do I put this?’ moments.

This is a mini easy to digest course in presentation slide style with voiceover teaching. 

You get life-time access once you purchase and can go over it as many times as you’d like!

Let’s kick back, get creative, and give your space the vibe it deserves!

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Meet Your Instructor

Rachel Beeman

Interior Decorator Certified True Color Expert Blogger A Regular Down To Earth Gal


"My house is not at all coordinated.  I just use things I've thrifted or crafted.  After watching Rae/ Rachel's Design Minicourse, I'm inspired to actually make my rooms look more professional and put together.  Other people's decorating tips intimidated me, but this one is very down to earth and speaks a language that I can understand.  It doesn't feel like I need to spend a lot of money-- mostly just rearrange what I already have, and I like that!"
Liberty B.

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