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Some of you in your homes may celebrate Earth Day and this year I wanted to give you a great and fun way to celebrate. And a bonus, it can be with the whole family- with a fun DIY Earth Day craft.

Constructing a craft with your kids to celebrate this holiday is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved ones. But also making something uniquely your own. The unfortunate side of crafting can be the expense as well as all the waste that can happen.

That’s why this craft is perfect; it’s made from things already found in your pantry or from recyclable and repurposed items!

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.”
—Mother Teresa

Let me show you the exact steps that I used to create a DIY vase and flowers craft for Earth Day. This is a fun spin off of so many others out there! There are also so many ways to do it that may help your mission to preserve our home, the earth.

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Part One: DIY Water Bottle Vase

To create your jar or vase to put your DIY flowers in, let’s make one instead of purchasing one.

You can use a clean and re-purposed water bottle wrapped in twine for extra texture. That way you are sure it is both recyclable and something repurposed. To do this, take a hot glue gun and carefully wrap the twine around your water bottle. This way, your twine doesn’t unravel.

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Part Two: DIY Earth Flowers

Now onto the cute and adorable Earth day flowers. 

You can use coffee filters that may already be in the pantry readily available. You can easily fold these coffee filters and cut along the edges in any design that you would like, creating a certain flower pattern.

The next step is simply making the coffee filters a touch damp. Then, use markers to color a few different colors making a simple watercolor effect once it dries.

You have the option of making them pop even more by gently running a marker along the very edge of your flower. Get creative and use one in any color you’d like!

Pro tip: Use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

For the second part of these DIY flowers, you can make them a bit more festive!

Cut out earth shapes and color in with Earth colors. Attach these earth cut outs with a glue stick in the center of a coffee filter flower.

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Easy Peasy!

If you want to take it a step further, a pro tip from my sister-in-law is using something called Copic markers. Instead of regular ones when coloring your flower.

Why you may ask?

The special markers are refillable again and again, cutting down on waste, not to mention amazing quality.

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Part Three: Putting It All Together

Attach your petals to a skewer that you may already have in your kitchen (again, a win) with a hot glue gun. You may use as many flowers as you’d like inside of your DIY vase. 

Another option is to add a few cut out leaves to add to your flowers to give them some extra flair.

A step further would be to make your own very adorable sign “we heart earth” or really any phrase you would like. Simply take some poster board and cut out a rectangular shape, and sketch “we heart earth” and color it in! There are many ways to attach the sign to your DIY water bottle vase. One particular way would be to use a hole punch to punch holes into your poster board sign. Use some yarn tying at both ends and wrapping around your vase.

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And viola!

I hope this inspires you to celebrate Earth Day this year with a fun DIY Earth Day craft. Being creative with the whole family while cutting down on waste is a perfect way! 

What better way to honor this day, our family, and our earth?

P.s. Want another cute craft to execute? Learn how to make your very own bearded gnomes!

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