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Ever heard of Christmas in July?

Most of us have and we all have either a negative or a positive opinion about it. I say, do what you like and who cares what anyone else thinks. But, that’s just me.

The reason I bring up Christmas in July is because I have been wanting to show you a fun DIY project that I did during Christmas awhile back. But I thought, “Uh, it’s summer, will anyone want to see my Christmas photos from previously?”

So let’s say this is for Christmas in July a few months ago so I can just go ahead and show you anyway, right?


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Hanging ladder in dining room

Supplies Needed

Before I get into how we did the darn thing, I wanted to give you a list of the supplies that were used during this project.

  • Ladder of choice
  • Pliers
  • Chain
  • Screw in hooks
  • Measuring tape
  • Screw eyes
  • Unnecessary but fun decor to adorn it with
  • Optional: screw gun if needed
A solid wood blanket ladder

How We Hung a Ladder For Decorative Purposes on the Ceiling (Step by Step)

A long ceiling light in a dining room
A man measuring a wooden ladder
Man measuring the ceiling

Assess Your Space

Make sure to fully assess your space that you’re wanting to hang a ladder. This would maybe mean visualizing, measuring the ladder and making sure you have everything you need so you don’t have to stop mid project and run to Ace.

I may know from experience.

Small kitten next to a woman and a wooden ladder
A woman attaching eye screws to a solid wood blanket ladder
A man attaching hooks to a ceiling

Attach Hooks and Eye Screws

My husband and I just went for it and started putting in the hooks on our ceiling and attaching or screwing in the screw eyes directly into the ladder itself.

A wrench connecting two chains
Two chains being connected

Use your Chain

This is the part where we used our pliers to gently pry one part of the chain open so we could hook it into our eye screws in the ladder. We did this in four places on our solid wood blanket ladder.

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Man hanging a ladder to the ceiling
Dining room light hanging from a decorative ladder on the ceiling
Basket wall and hanging ladder

Hanging the Ladder

Next we took the middle of our chain that was now attached snugly to our ladder and hung it on the ceiling via the ceiling hooks.

We had to double check to make sure it was hung correctly, straight and sturdy enough so do keep checking as you go!

Pro tip: Using a level on your ladder is helpful as well to make sure you ladder is level on all sides and it’s a good way to do it quickly!

Man hanging a ladder from the ceiling

Adorning the Ladder with Decor

This was obviously an optional thing to do, but it was Christmas y’all!

I had to get out my Christmas garland and smack it right on top for a more festive feel. So that’s exactly what we did too.

Feel free to add fairy lights, stringed lights, ornaments, tinsel or anything else you little heart desires so that your hanging ladder looks as cute as possible.

It’s been so much fun decorating that ladder through the seasons!

Also, when it comes to decorating my ceiling, I didn’t stop at just a hanging ladder. You can see some other ceiling decorating I did as well as some fun ideas.

Hanging ladder in dining room
Hanging decorative ladder
Christmas view of a dining room with a hanging decorative ladder on the ceiling

Other Ways to Decorate Your Hanging Ladder

There are SO many other fun ways to decorate your newly suspended ladder! I couldn’t just choose one idea so here are several fun ways that others have decorated their own hanging ladder:

Decorate Your Ladder with Lights

Decorating your ladder with some fairy lights or string lights of your choice adds a bit more flair to the scene. And who isn’t about that?

Decorate Your Ladder With Flowers

If you’re one who just loves having flowers in your home, whether real or faux flowers, be creative and hang them from your ladder!

Decorate Your Ladder With Baskets

You might just know that I have a thing for decorating with baskets since my fun basket wall, but this is another way to use baskets in your home, on your hanging ladder!


Like all DIY projects, make sure to double check your measurements, be safe, and have a great time. I hope you also got some fun ideas for decorating your hanging ladder as well, let your imagination run wild!

The more creative you are the better sometimes so really play with the project especially when decorating your newly suspended ladder.

We ended up hanging our ladder right in the middle of our dining room light to add a bit more to it which I just loved.

Have you done this kind of project before? Or would you do this DIY project? Let me know in the comments!

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