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When I moved to my current house 2 years ago, there were lots of things that needed updating but that had major potential! In this house, there are little oddities and things that might make you go, “what was that used for?”. Its an older house so it has it’s quirks.

One thing I loved about this house was that it already had a formal dining room and such but in addition, it had a cozy breakfast nook right by the kitchen. I knew when I saw it when touring the house that it was going to be the first thing I updated.

And man I was excited to do it! I’m going to show you how I gave my charming breakfast nook a little makeover and some other farmhouse kitchen nook ideas to inspire you.

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My Cozy Nook and It’s Beginning- The Before

You might be able to see the pure potential already like I did. Even though it really did need some love it was a beautiful sunny room with natural light pouring in during the mornings.

Before view of a farmhouse kitchen nook showing the window

Perfect for morning coffee or even a cup of tea and a good book during the most important meal of the day.

There were already various furniture pieces in this room that the previous owners left behind. But they didn’t stay. I wanted to give this dining nook a fresh look.

A view of the kitchen nook with yellow painted walls

As you can see the walls were a sunny yellow which i don’t hate but if you looked closer you could see it dearly needed a fresh coat of paint.

Yellow walls with a space where a large mirror used to be

That and a good table that was cute and some storage options of course.

My Kitchen Nook Makeover

The makeover itself didn’t take too long since it’s a small room. I knew first off that I wanted to paint it. 

So off to Ace Hardware I went…

Picking the Paint

New green paint for the breakfast nook

It pays having an Ace Hardware right down the road from you, but it can also get you in trouble. If you’re like me, you love looking and checking the discount paint section.

I want to say i got this paint from that discount section but i can’t recall if it was or if it was new. Either way, when I got the paint home and started painting, I realized how dark this green was after going on the walls.

Pro Tip: Remember when picking paint, that the paint color can go on the walls a touch darker than you think and see on the sample.

No problem.

My lovely parents were helping me paint this room so we decided to mix some white interior paint into the darker green paint to lighten it up a bit. I would say we probably ended up adding almost 1/4 of a gallon of white paint into the green.

I was a little nervous that I’d mess the whole thing up, but i was really happy with how the color actually came out on the walls this time.

Decorative Accents and Furniture

Once the painting part of this farmhouse kitchen nook makeover was complete, it was time for an even more fun part!

The decorating and styling.

Hobby Lobby here I come!

Cottage style balloon shades for windows

I picked out these adorable farmhouse/ cottage style balloon shades for the windows. I wanted to give this area some charm, ya know?

These shades were from Target and I will make sure to link them for you to check out below:

It was a blast picking out the right art pieces and decorative accents to pull this room together! I chose wood and some white decor to make a statement against the green background for the most part to go on the walls.

Completed kitchen nook view

We ended up keeping the white overhead light that was also a fan. I was wanting a nice statement light fixture but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Side note: Remember, not everything in your house is going to be just how you like it right away. Usually it can take years for you to slowly change things around the house to match the vision you have. That’s definitely the case in my home as well. So the statement light had to wait for another day. And that’s okay!

A lot of the things in this room are either things that I already had and decided to re use elsewhere, or it was something from the second-hand store.

I’m all about that, sis!

My Cozy Kitchen Nook- The Final After


I love how we can now use this sunny cottage breakfast bar type room for extra space when we have friends or family members over. This is one of our multifunctional rooms in the house and I love using spaces for different purposes and uses.

This space of course is by no means perfect, but now, it makes me smile.

And darn it, that’s exactly what I was going for!

Kitchen nook with black table, corner hutch and rae Dunn mugs and plates

A doll maker’s dummy with a floral pattern next to a small hutch filled with Rae Dunn pottery

Complete view of the farmhouse kitchen nook

Other Farmhouse Kitchen Nook Ideas

I wanted to show you some of the best breakfast nook ideas i could find with some beautiful furniture and accents and of course, perfect for a cup of coffee in the mornings.

Farmhouse Breakfast Nook With Wicker Chairs

I have to say, wicker furniture is really starting to grow on me these days. I mean, just look at this stunning kitchen nook with these stunning wicker chairs.

They are the perfect statement piece for this darling room.

Farmhouse Breakfast Nook With a Built-in Bench

I think down the road I would love to make a built-in bench in my farmhouse breakfast nook. Not only do they look cute, but a breakfast nook bench could be used in a corner of the room saving extra space but still having the same number of seats. Or extra seating even!


Restaurants use a built-in banquette for their seating areas which is basically just a fixed bench for people to sit. You might have seen a corner banquette or two the last time you went to that quaint little cafe in your neighborhood.

The picture above seems to be something of a banquette too.

So with that in mind, you can absolutely have something similar to that in your own breakfast nook at home.

A Farmhouse Breakfast Nook With Built-In Shelves

I love the idea of having shelves or a hutch or cabinet of some kind in the breakfast nook. That’s why my breakfast nook was the perfect spot for my corner hutch with my Rae Dunn collection in it.

It adds some height to the room which I also like a lot.

If you are designing your breakfast nook, think about adding some shelves like the picture below which has some built-in shelves that houses the most darling coffee bar!

Talk about a great idea to add extra counter space.


I hope that the next time you find yourself designing a breakfast nook or even a dining room, that you feel inspired by some of these beautiful kitchen nook ideas.

I know I am!

Whether you decide to use wicker, a round table, a square table, or whether it has plenty of light or not, the only thing that should be your focus is if that room brings a smile to your face. That is going to look different for everyone most in my opinion, is absolutely the most important thing.

Comment below what you would add to your breakfast nook and what your favorite idea was.

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