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It can be discouraging to WANT to decorate your freshly moved in house or re-decorate your lived-in home, with zero dollars to spend. Hobby Lobby is calling your sweet name and that obnoxiously cute fall decor just can’t wait. Well, what are your options when you have a budget of zero? I will show you some easy (and fun) ways on how to decorate for free.

There have been many times where, in my case, I have had no money to spend. Like zero, nothing. It wasn’t in the budget for me to go to Tjmaxx or even Goodwill to browse. And you know what? That’s okay because I have some things up my sleeve for you to implement when the budget just won’t allow.

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Craigslist FREE Section

Remember craigslist? Yeah? Well, you might have already known but they have a FREE section on their site, and if you dig around a little you can find some stuff worth grabbing. A lot of people are moving and need to purge things quickly and will give them away for free. So keep checking and soon you’ll snag something great.

night stand and edge of bed

Rearrange Furniture

Ok so I love to change things around, you get me? It just freshens up an old room just by taking the things you already have and doing a little switch around. I used to do this quite a bit when we lived in an apartment. We had a limit on how many nails we could have on the wall! Since we were limited on what kind of stuff we could put up, I would move my couch over to the other side of the room. Simple right? And it makes the room look like you had just redecorated. So take what you have in a room and play around with the layout.

decorated office space with computer and plant

Another thing about rearranging is you can simply take things from one space and move them from room to room. So don’t feel like you are confined to only keeping the furniture in the same room. Is that old chair taking up too much room in your living room? Move it to the corner of your bedroom!

Free Online Printables

Google has got your back! If you search for free printables online, google will come up with a lot of sites with beautiful photos or art that you can print out and hang in your home. I personally have seen beautiful farmhouse printables that were absolutely free. How fun and easy to just get out some old frames and put in your NEW artwork to display! And when you are done with that piece of art, just print off something else. My friend Morgan over at Olive Branch Cottage did a great post about free printables and where to find them. Go check it out here. She says that the New York Public Library Digital Collections is where it’s at. So browse a little and see what fits with your style and start printing!

old time photo of alpine roses

Garage Sales

Um, excuse me? Garage sales aren’t free! No, well mostly not. We are wrapping up garage sale season as summer is coming a close and fall is moving in. Since that is the case I have been trying to hit up a few more garage sales in my area just to look. In some cases, I will go to a garage sale and see that there are buckets marked “FREE”, so keep an eye out for those! Nothing is wrong with driving around looking at a garage sale to see what the family wants to just give away.

garage sale sign

Repurpose Old Fabric

If you have a “craft stash” then most likely you have some old pieces of fabric laying around. If you do, there are many things you can do with them! From covering a frame with a big block of fabric to using smaller cut-up pieces to make it into a garland, the possibilities are endless! Look in that old stash in general and see what you could repurpose!

craft supplies

Swap with Friends

This wouldn’t only be free to do, but also really fun! Any excuse to get together with your girlfriends AND get free decor is a win-win in my book. See if you can talk to friends about scheduling a play date and bringing their old decor they no longer want or use, and swap! This can be as big as you would want to make it, from just swapping a few items out to bringing totes of old decorations for your friend to look through. For every item you take, have your friend pick one of yours. So put on some coffee and get to swapping, and have fun!

friends together laughing

There you go! There are six ways to decorate your home for free! If you want to see how I scored some baskets for a basket wall on the cheap then check this out. I hope you can use this so you can stick to your budget AND have a beautifully decorated home. Dont forget to subscribe and thanks so much for stopping by!

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