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So one day I realized something…

Girl, I NEED a basket wall in my house.

I noticed that I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful farmhouse or boho basket walls on Instagram and Pinterest and had to have one. After getting my baskets I settled on the placement above. Now, I love my dining room as well as my whimsical basket wall. Want to make your own basket collage? Come on, I’ll show you.

finished product for a basket wall with garland

Getting your baskets

So you’ve decided you want some baskets. Well, where to get them?

My advice would be to start at the local thrift store. I purchased the baskets in my dining room from the local MRM and Facebook marketplace.

Perfect! Only a couple of bucks!

I wanted something with varying sizes and styles so I could put them together. Some use identical baskets but if you are getting them second hand, you may have different kinds of baskets, and that’s okay!

Since you will probably be getting different styles and colors for your baskets play around with it at the store. Put them next to each other and see if they look fairly close to the look you are going for! If you don’t find what you need at the thrift store, I will link a few options as well.

Hey there! Don’t forget that you can click the images to shop the look!

Making your design

I brought them home and started placing them on the floor in a design that I liked. Now you can mess around with the design until you find one that will suit your fancy before putting them on the wall. I love doing this since I don’t want to get more holes in my walls. Oops! You can use this part to decide if you want them evenly spaced, or clustered together as well. I personally have one basket wall in a cluster, and another evenly spaced, so it’s really up to you.

Several baskets laying next to each other on the floor

Hang ’em!

Okay, your design is set. Get some nails and get to work. I hung them directly on the nail myself.

A hand hammering a nail into the wall

Now some people might say there are better ways such as with hooks which you can definitely do. But I found that it was simple enough the hang them directly. Amazing!

Small group of baskets hanging on a wall

Now you have a beautiful basket wall to display in your home. Feel free to leave them as is, or add some finishing touches. I used some greenery that I got from the dollar store and just wrapped it around the big basket.

And you’re done!

I hope you enjoy your new basket collage as much as I do. Please subscribe to the blog for more ways to beautifully decorate and make your house a home.

Side angle of a small group of hanging baskets on a wall

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Here is one of my favorite basket walls I did in my previous home. It turned out fantastic!

hanging the baskets
basket wall result

Hey guys! If you end up making a basket wall please tag me or send me an email! I love seeing what you guys create! See you next time!

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