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hello Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can be a scary thought, am I right?

Or does it bring excitement but confusion on where to start?

If something like this sounds familiar, then settle in and let’s break it on down.

The weather is getting a bit warmer, maybe even snow you once had is thawing, and you think, “Maybe I should do some deep cleaning.” I’ve been there, ahem, every year, but don’t know where to start. I will guide you briefly through each room of the house and give some things you should be giving some extra attention to. It also helps to have a game plan when it comes to tackling big things like this, so let’s dive into our Spring Cleaning in just 7 days.

Day 1: Kitchen

Why start in the kitchen you might ask? Even though the kitchen is where you might clean the most frequently, it also is the place that gets used most frequently. And after you clean and declutter this space, your mornings will be a whole lot nicer friend. Trust me, nothing ruins a morning and a good cup of coffee then a messy and cluttered food space. Trust me because I’ve experienced that more times than I’d like to admit. The kitchen, as they say, is the heart of the home and should be treated that way!

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“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.”

Louis Parrish 

So let’s get to cleaning then shall we? Starting with going through your food in the fridge, toss everything that is expired, old, or um, smelly. Then give that ‘ol fridge a good wipe down and scrub along with your freezer. Let’s look at a few other things to do while we hit the kitchen:

  • Deep clean fridge and freezer after going through all food
  • Go through old, torn, or um, smelly dish towels and toss them!
  • Declutter Tupperware and dishes and donate those you don’t need, we all have those extra Tupperware lids coming from who knows where!
  • Wipe down all appliances and cabinet doors
  • Clean light fixtures and give light switches a swipe!

Oh man, that kitchen will be looking so fresh and smelling great! What’s a better way to wake up than to wake up to the smell of hot coffee brewing and a shiny clean kitchen? Let’s move on!

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Day 2: Bedrooms

In my home, bedrooms, especially mine, get neglected. But who will see it other than you, your spouse and maybe the occasional kid or two who like to sneak into your bed at night and pee it? Sorry, maybe that’s just us! But you know why it matters? Because YOU are spending at least a third of your life in bed asleep. Isn’t that crazy to think about? Uh, what? It’s true if you think about it. 

Anyways, dust bunnies and cobwebs tend to sneak in this room while we aren’t looking. So let’s tackle that and the clutter that seems to happen as well. What are some things we need to do? Let’s look:

  • Start by doing a tidy of the room and vacuuming every part of it, including those corners with dust bunnies.
  • Wash your bedding and covers and sprinkle baking soda on the mattress while it washes. This will help eliminate the odor that might be trapped. Then vacuum it up after about half an hour to an hour, and VIOLA!
  • Clean that ceiling fan! NO breathing in the dust as you sleep anymore!
  • Wash windows and dust blinds
  • Clean out that closet and go through clothes you no longer wear.
  • And if you’re feeling really motivated, wash some walls friend.

Can’t stop now! Let’s keep going! Your spring cleaning is going amazing!

Day 3: Bathrooms

Just like the kitchen, bathrooms may be something you keep up on regularly, but these rooms need a deep clean too! Let’s start with the shower…

  • Scrub that tub and shower extra good
  • Wipe down all light fixtures
  • Wipe any vanity cabinets
  • Clean the mirror so you can see your beautiful face!
  • Sweep and steam mop the floor
  • Clean the baseboards
  • Wash windows and blinds

Day 4: Living room/area/den

This room gets a lot of movement during your day or night, whether it’s playing board games with your family, dads and sons wrestling on the floor, or just simply watching tv together. Lots of memories are made in living rooms and let’s keep it that way! This room needs some love like any other! Sooo what’s on our list?

  • Vacuum and shampoo carpet or if you have hardwood or something of that nature, sweep and steam mop.
  • Clean baseboards
  • Dust EVERYTHING, including tv stands, end tables, even decor on your wall could use a good wipe down.
  • Depending on what material your couch is made of, wiping, shampooing, or plain scrubbing could be on your list to freshen up where we sit.
  • Vacuum vents
  • Wipe all light fixtures and switch plates
  • Wash all drapes and curtains

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Whew! We are getting there friend! The house is looking extra fine if I do say so myself! Spring cleaning for the win!

Moving right along to day 5…

Day 5: Laundry Area

Do you have a small laundry space in a closet? Or maybe a full laundry room? Either way let’s dive in and make it sparkle. 

  • Clean your washer and dryer depending on what kind you have.
  • Again, dust everything such as baseboards and on top of cabinets.
  • Clean floor (vacuum, sweep, mop)
  • Do your laundry pile that you have been saving up, hehe. Fold and put away!

Ahhh, I’ve noticed when I deep cleaned my laundry room, I was way more inclined to want to be in there and do my laundry. Try it!

Day 6: Garage/Carport

Bikes, and car parts, and totes, oh my! Or is that just me again? If it is you too then I would suggest spring cleaning the garage area as well! A lot of it might be the need for decluttering some things and taking them to the dump to get rid of permanently. If you did that, awesome! You’re halfway there! That’s the hardest part of the garage in my opinion… what about the cleaning? Let’s see…

  • Pressure wash the concrete floor
  • Repair any cracks if possible
  • Neatly organize your garage belongings into totes and label them!
  • Get your car a nice wash and dry!
  • Decide if you need any organization in your area and get to work!

Day 7: Yard

The yard, depending on what season it is where you live, may need different things. If it’s beautiful and sunny, mow the lawn, clean up the trimmings and clean up any ahem, dog presents that were left for you if you have a fur baby. Fun stuff I’ll tell you. 

If it’s snowing, snow removal may be all that is needed. If you have children you might need to pick up some toys for a clean yard. So assess your space and spring clean it!

Customize your spring cleaning!

Lastly, your home will be set up differently than mine and you may need to adjust some steps that fit what you need. But I hope this can be a good starting point and give you some good ideas on what to do for each room when you want to tackle some deep cleaning before the busy summer days fall upon you. Thanks for joining me and doing spring cleaning in 7 days with me. Check out my Instagram feed here for some inspo photos!

 If you want some ideas for weekly cleaning on a regular basis then click here

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Spring cleaning in just 7 days

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