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Life is hard enough. Am I right?

No point in struggling with things if you don’t need to!

Whether it’s cleaning, decluttering, decorating or just something extra for your home there are always hacks out there. Let’s look at a few home hacks that will make your life easier.

Home Hack #1: No more Hard Scrubbing

I’ll tell you a little secret. I hated scrubbing my tub and shower. I think for some reason that it’s the worst. So there were plenty of times I would just skip over it when cleaning my bathroom. Yeah, I know, yuck. I’m just showing you some real-life here so bear with me. After years of hating this chore, I came across a hack that I was told by a friend. 

You may have seen this floating around Pinterest (come visit me HERE) but find an old spray bottle or go to the dollar store and pick one up. While you’re out, go pick up some dawn dish soap and some plain vinegar and put them in your spray bottle. Give it a good shake. 

Once your concoction is made, generously spray down everything in your shower and let sit for 20 minutes. Make sure to shut the door and open a window as the smell will be very strong. Once the time has passed take your cloth or brush and the grime will easily wipe off!

Nice shiny tub!

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Home Hack #2: Upgrading your TP

How do you upgrade your toilet paper? Um, what? Well TP is pretty straight forward and well, that area of the bathroom can smell less than desirable. I’m here to tell you. Again, let’s be real. But something you can do is something easy peasy and will help with that problem!

Do you have any essential oils laying around? Or maybe you use them frequently in a humidifier? If you don’t go pick some up! They are so wonderful for so many home hacks. Let’s look at one of those.

Simply take a roll of TP and the oil of your choice. Drop two drops of the oil on the inside cardboard roll and place it back on the holder.  Pick something that you just love the smell of and use that. It’s one of the easiest hacks I’ve ever done and it actually makes a difference with making your bathroom smell fresh all the time!

Something I do want to address is if you have pets in your home you may want to steer clear of some types of oils. Ones such as peppermint and some citrus can be harmful to your little fur baby especially if they have breathing problems such as asthma or other respiratory issues. So do your research before using it in your home. Friendly reminder friends!

Home Hack #3: Spiders be Gone

When we first bought our home back in 2015, our basement had a spider problem. Yeah, you read that right. My skin would crawl when I would be sitting in our finished basement watching tv and that is just wrong! Time to do something about that, and fast.

I started researching different ideas on how to get rid of those creepy crawlies and how to keep them away for good! I came across a lot of different solutions that people said would work. They mostly involved chemicals that were bad for us, our kids, and our dog. SO that wasn’t going to be an option. 

Finally, I came across something natural and it was worth a shot! Again, with the essential oils? YES. I took some peppermint oil and put it in another empty spray bottle and filled the rest up with water. I then sprayed that around my downstairs area taking extra care to hit corners. And you know what? It WORKED. This natural solution actually did the trick. 

Home Hack #4: Don’t Ignore the Microwave

Again with the scrubbing, ugh. It’s difficult and honestly, unnecessary. You may be superwoman and keep your microwave spotless every day in which I say, you are amazing. But if you’re like me, your microwave gets used and slowly over time can look like a bomb went off in there. Keepin’ it real.

For years I would sigh to myself and just get to scraping it off with force. But thankfully I found something better, water. Yes, water. 

Take a bowl and fill it with tap water and place it in your microwave. Then, heat it up for 2-3 minutes. By the time you take it out, the steam from the heated water will have softened up the dried food and bomb-like residue. YOu can easily wipe off and enjoy a clean surface! I’m all about skipping the scrubbing and effortlessly wiping instead. I’ll go out on a limb and say you do too.

Home Hack #5: Carpet Love

You may know this one, but I honestly didn’t for the longest time. And now, I love doing it! I am already a big weirdo and like vacuuming. It’s not the actual act of it but how much I love seeing what a difference it makes in my home after I do it. Carpet lines, yes, please! But why not give your vacuuming routine a boost?

I could tell you things you may already do such as making sure to move furniture when you vacuum or not to forget about those corners with the wand, but let’s go further.

carpet home hacks

I instantly noticed several differences in my carpet after I started this hack. Take a larger amount of baking soda and mix in a few drops of another good-smelling essential oil. Oils such as lavender, orange, or any citrus would do. But it’s really up to what smells good to you. So get creative! Take that mixture and spread it around on your carpet and wait half an hour. After it sits for a while, vacuum it up! It not only leaves the carpet cleaner but it also makes the room smell heavenly.

I hope these tips will help you with your home routine and you enjoyed these home hacks. If you want to see a full cleaning schedule make sure to check that out HERE.

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