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We replaced our back door a while ago and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made! At times, I walk around my house and wonder what the next project should be done next. Now sometimes I’m thinking the house needs a BIG project done in order to tell a BIG difference in my house. But I’m here to tell you that even small changes to your home will make such a BIG impact. Don’t think that you have to spend loads of money to get your house a good update. I’ll show ya one that my husband and I did for under $80! Come see our back door update!

The Old door

solid back door with no window

Yikes! That cold, dark corner is giving me the chills! So I’m 27 years old, but that corner made the basement entrance look creepy to me. Time to fit that! With this old door, this corner looks really boxed in and unwelcoming. I wanted something open to let a lot of light in and brighten up that space.

Door Shopping

So the first thing my husband and I did was get a babysitter, aka our parents, and go down to Lowes and Home Depot. Surely we would find the perfect door at that perfect price. After looking for a while and looping aisles over and over, we decided that while their doors were gorgeous, it was a little out of our price range.

Second-hand stores

Since the doors we had looked at were a bit steep for our budget, we decided to look at some thrift and second-hand stores. After looking at some thrift shops we decided to hit up our local Restore.

Not only did we find doors and other home items at a great price, but they divert every door from a landfill. They also provide reasonably priced homes for low to middle income families. Sounds like a win-win!

old door with antique doorknob

This post is not an ad whatsoever, I just wanted to share a place that easily gets forgotten about, at least in my mind. We found that the Restore has a huge selection of inside and outside doors. Most were in great shape and were exactly what I pictured for my glum stairwell. I picked a door with a big window to let lots of light in and went home!

Putting in the door

So this project was one of those things where we thought it wouldn’t take too long to do, but ended up working on it a lot longer than expected. Don’t you love projects like that? No? Me either. Hey, as long as there is a beautiful result, right?

And with that, we got to work on our back door update! We started with taking off the trim and old screws and removed the door. In our case, the footer (a piece of wood underneath the door) was too thick for the new door to be put in. So the new door wouldn’t fit. We had to make a thinner piece for the footer to make sure the door would go in nicely. After making sure the door fits squarely in using shims, we used some screws to lock it in place. After the door was in, we re-trimmed it.

newly put in door with big window
new back door with wood trim

Enjoying my brand spankin’ new door

farmhouse kitchen with a view of the back door

And that was it! This door is finished! The light that comes from this door now is unreal. Before it was really dark and gloomy in that corner, but now it’s bright and more cheerful. And that was it! That was a rough overview of how we did our back door update. Please let me know what small updates you made in your home, ones that made a big or small difference. I’d love to see!

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