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Spring Cottage Home Tour: Spring Time Showcase

I’m so stinkin’ excited. Why you ask? It’s Spring! You know i had to take time not doing chores and decorate for the season. I decided to once again use mostly what I already had on hand (in the dusty attic) with just a few fun new things. It took me a few times to get these spaces how I had in my head but overall I’m happy with how they turned out. It definitely makes my spaces look more cheerful and has lots of color! Speaking of colors…

This post is a part of a home tour blog hop where this whole week 25 amazing ladies will show you their homes for Spring! So make sure to check out the bottom of this post and take a peek into each of our homes for fun and Spring inspiration.

I can’t wait!


How to Create Vintage Wooden Signs For Your Home

I love cruising the antique stores for sure, looking at everything with its unique story gets me excited I tell ya. But there also are times when I am feeling pretty crafty and want to make something similar to a vintage item that I saw in the antique shop instead. If you’re not finding the right vintage wooden signs or wall decor that you are wanting, don’t bum out. Make a custom sign! It can still have that vintage look but having been made by you…this year. So let’s make a beautiful sign with a vintage design and make an awesome addition to your home decor. Let’s do it!


Timeless Inspiration for Vintage Valentine Decor

What is your opinion on antique and vintage items? For me, I love that they are not only one of a kind most times, but they also have a story. What that story is? I’ll never know. But I do love decorating my home with vintage items and that includes Valentines Day. Vintage Valentine decor is anything but cookie cutter if that’s what you like.

Let me show you some of the areas in my home that I used vintage this Valentine’s Day…


Beautiful And Elegant Valentines Table Setting Ideas

Picture this: a Valentine’s Day table setup so fancy and elegant, even a collection of sparkly nail polish is jealous. I’m the kind of girly who thinks getting creative can solve any problem – and don’t get me started on the power of a well-arranged table setting. This article is your backstage pass to getting some fab ideas this Valentine’s Day for your table the next time you host something fancy pants this season. Welcome to the beautiful, elegant and slightly over-the-top universe of Valentines table setting ideas!


Simple DIY Valentine Door Decorations From Dollar Tree

Valentine’s Day is approaching which means…bring out the hot glue gun and your scissors because we are going to do some DIY Valentine door decorations!

Even though I’m an interior decorator gal, I still love me some crafting sessions. Especially with family. It’s a great way to spend time together and make something beautiful. I had so much fun and loved this craft just as much as my DIY spring gnomes.

I’ve always thought that some cute Valentine’s Day crafting was the perfect way to celebrate this small holiday. 

Which is exactly what my mom, daughter and I did the other day.

I wanted to show you how easy this DIY valentine’s craft was to make and how cute it turned out. It’s an easy peasy dollar tree craft that was fun and simple to do.


A Clean Slate: How To Refresh My Home After The Holidays

Wow, I can’t believe it but Christmas and new years are officially over and now it feels like we are back to normal routines. With the holiday season gone, are you team “bummed that the holidays are over” or team “ready to move things along to the new year already”?

No matter what team you find yourself in this year, we all have sometimes found ourselves thinking, “I’m ready to refresh my home” in one way or another.

If this is you, here are some great ideas on how to work with a clean slate in your home and maybe that “my house is empty” feeling we all sometimes get.

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