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Beware. We are going for it. Yep, Mail Clutter. We all hate it when it happens. And most of the time, it does happen if we don’t keep on top of it. So let’s bear down and learn how to manage our mail clutter. After this post, you will be on your way to busting that clutter FOR GOOD!

What is Clutter a Sign Of?

So before we dive into what to do with our clutter, you might think sometimes, “Why do I do this?”. Girl, I’ve been there too.

“Why am I the way I am with this?”

“No matter what I do it doesn’t change!”

Sound familiar?

Before you start googling it and freaking out because google is telling you that you have a disease, just STOP! It might tell you that you have some sort of disorder solely because you have clutter, UM NO GIRL!!! STOP THAT TYPING!

More people have clutter than you might realize, and honestly, Ive had or HAVE some too in some corners tucked away in my house.

So no, You aren’t alone with your clutter, friend!

Mail Clutter is a sign of you NOT having a routine. Mail clutter could mean that you are busy, that you have kids, that you have…a husband. Or that you just have plain clutter and darn it happens!

But ANYONE can tackle their clutter with a PLAN and a schedule.

So don’t think you are the odd one out, you just need a good plan of action. And you know what? Let’s look at some ways to tackle it, specifically that mail.

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How do you Manage Mail Clutter?

Managing mail clutter is just like I said before, it’s a matter of having a plan and a routine that you do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And this is where I can fall short sometimes. You need to be consistent.

Each day when you get your mail in the morning, go bring it inside and sort through it IMMEDIATELY! Don’t forget to do this. This is KEY. If you decide to put down the whole pile and deal with it later, chances are you might forget and do it all again tomorrow, and the next day, until you have a HUGE mail pile.

Here are some things you need to do as soon as you sort through your mail:

Tip 1:Go through you mail pile as soon as you get it out of the mailbox in the morning

Tip2: Throw junk mail away AS SOON as you see any. Sort your mail pile new your garage can so it’s easy to throw junk away RIGHT AWAY.

Tip 3: Invest in a shredder:

Tip 4: Use an accordion like folder for the mail you need:

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How to get rid of EXISTING Clutter FAST

So we have a good plan for future mail, but what about all that mail that accumulated already? No one is perfect, okay? If you have a big pile (no judgement, I’ve been there for REAL) of mail clutter let’s look at how to manage mail clutter that’s already existing.

But what to do if it’s already a big cluttered mess?

Alright gal, let’s do this! So, make sure to do it ONE BIT AT A TIME! Otherwise you will be defeated and never want to look at your clutter again. You will want to put it in another area you rarely see and call it a day. Again, I’ve done that. And it happens.


  1. First things first, TOSS the junk papers. This needs to be your first thing to do while going through your piles. It’s easy and fast and should eliminate ALOT of your pile quickly.
  2. Shred the papers that are sensitive info. Again, this will get another chunk done and you will start to fill the weight lifting. Trust me.
  3. Save your papers and mail that you need for taxes or work in a file cabinet. Things like cards, home paperwork, anything you NEED to keep, FILE THAT BABY!


How to Manage Mail Clutter: The FAST Way

Didn’t we already talk about this? Well, yes. But remember, one bite at a time when going through existing clutter, and make sure to follow your mail routine CONSISTENTLY every single day to avoid this happening in the future. You got this!!

When dealing with clutter, BATCH IT!

What I mean is, do one step on EVERYTHING, then move one to the next step.

So, find all the junk in your mail clutter, and then throw away all the junk. The move on to the more important stuff. That way it saves time and goes faster, and doesn’t get you confused and drive you insane. So, When dealing with existing clutter, BATCH IT!

I hope this gets you on the right track to dealing with your mail and maybe even some clutter along with it. Like I’ve said, don’t overthink it and overwhelm yourself. You will tire out before you even get started. I’ve been there too!

If you have multiple areas of clutter, pick one area and start there!

Thanks for coming along with me as we talked clutter and how to manage mail clutter specifically. Remember one bite at a time and you can do it! You feel like superwoman when it’s done!

Happy decluttering!


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