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Hey friends! If you’ve read my previous post about Clever Ways to Restyle then you saw me talk about Mamma Mia Covers. If not, check it out! I basically stated that I had a piece of furniture that was outdated and not the right color for my space. Well, I ended up getting a cover for myself from Mamma Mia and before I knew it, my old chair was like new! If you are thinking of buying with them, hopefully, my very HONEST review will help you make a decision so here is my Mamma Mia Covers Review.


before picture

Feeling Lost, Doing Nothing

Like I’ve said, like most of you, I have some furniture that needs a little love. Is that you too? I know that’s me for sure. I had thought of all the options such as buying new furniture, reupholstering it, and so on before I found out about this company. This chair, as you can see, was not the color I wanted for this room and didn’t go well with the colors I had. I really had no idea what I should do, so honestly, I did nothing. Can you relate?

So I basically just lived with it. Which isn’t the end of the world, I mean, there are more important problems in the world, but to a gal with a decorating passion, this was a growing problem. Thankfully a found a solution.

“But to a gal with a decorating passion, this was a growing problem.”

My Mamma Mia Covers Review is On Its Way!

I was scrolling Instagram, (Find me here, wink wink) and saw a beautiful chair in a photo, the texture and color looked very nice so I asked about it. Fast forward and my very own was on it’s way to me! Yay!

I was very impressed with how soft and nice-looking it was feeling it for the first time. Time to put it on!


It fit like a glove and TRANSFORMED my chair. I was a little skeptical about the fit since they didn’t take measurements or anything but it fit perfectly! Suffice to say, I am very happy with this cover and the WONDERFUL customer service I received as well. Whenever I had a question or two, they were quick and very sweet. I ended up choosing the color vanilla in their VELVET collection. OHHH LALAA!

I would definitely recommend getting this cover for yourself if you can’t afford to buy new furniture right now but need your chair, couch, or even BED FRAME to be covered. I am overall very happy with this company and would have no problem recommending this brand to anyone. And like I always will continue to say, ALL of my suggestions to your guys are 100% my own and are in no way altered.

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Check out Mamma Mia Covers HERE!

“Like I will always say, ALL of my suggestions are 100% my own and are NEVER altered!”

My Mamma Mia Covers Review

Cover the Frame

Also as I said, Mamma Mia Covers has bed frame covers as well! Real quickly, I was excited to get a bed frame cover from this awesome company and I am beyond excited to share what I think to you. As you can see, it can make your bed look completely different in a matter of MINUTES! I chose the color white for a queen-sized bed for reference. To be honest, I love my bed frame as is, BUT whenever I feel like adding something different, which I WILL, this is the PERFECT solution.

“Whenever I feel like changing it up, Which I WILL, haha!”

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Frequently asked questions:

I love this idea, but is it worth the money?

I would say yes for sure. Like I’ve said, if you don’t want to or can’t buy new furniture right now then this is the perfect option in my opinion. You may even have a special piece of furniture that you can’t bear to get rid of but maybe it’s a little, shabby? So it is definitely more expensive than say your local store but the quality and feel are SO worth it and so much better than any other cheaper option! Mamma Mia Covers for the win!

bed with Mamma Mia Cover on it

How quick was the shipping?

Pretty quick actually! I ordered it and then it was literally at my doorstep in a matter of a few days. I think that’s pretty good if I do say so myself!

What types of collections are there?

up close textures

Oh my, they have several textures, products and collections to choose from! I was quite surprised. They have the Microfibra Collection, their velvet collection, Mille Righe Collection (made of cotton and polyester), and their Jacquard Collection. Each is very stretchy and while you are asked to measure, they fit like a glove! Check out the collections HERE.

I so enjoyed each product I have gotten from Mamma Mia Covers and I hope that you also look into it for yourself! I hope you enjoyed my Mamma Mia Covers review because each time I got myself a cover from them I wasn’t disappointed, and neither will you!



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