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I was asked by Angie from Cozy Minimalism to write out how I set up my cleaning schedule! So here it is!!

I hope you can use it to help keep your home neat and tidy, or at least get an improvement!

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We’ve all been there, waking up in the morning, pouring a cup of coffee and staring at the mess in our home. Didn’t I clean this up yesterday?? I remember cleaning what felt like all day just to have messes to clean up AGAIN the next. Ugh! Is there a better way than to wait until the weekend and clean from top to bottom?

Before this, I was feeling so defeated with my cleaning. I started looking online for a better way to manage my home. What I found were different approaches to what I was dreading. Introducing, the cleaning schedule!

What is a Cleaning Schedule?

A cleaning schedule is where you schedule out different chores you need to get done throughout the week. Instead of doing all your chores in one day, or the same ones every day, make a schedule! Pick out the rooms in your house that you need to clean and pick one for each day of the week. Here I’ll show you…

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Rae's cleaning schedule

Setting up your cleaning schedule

Decide how many days a week you want to break up your cleaning. Divide your chores into rooms and put a room on a day of the week. You can also divide it differently. Such as, cleaning all floors one day, and dusting on another day. Get creative and customize! I have included my FREE cleaning schedule if you subscribe to my blog!

I will break down what my week looks like with cleaning.

Cleaning and your week

Dailies-  So dailies would be chores that I would do on a daily basis no matter what day it is. Things such as doing the dishes, take out the garbages, make beds, and a quick tidy. Let’s move on to what my week looks like in addition to these “dailies”.

  1. Monday (bedrooms) On Monday I focus on bedrooms, my upstairs ones to be exact. So I will do things like change and wash all bedding, wash windows, vacuum carpet, and dust. Pretty straight forward, right?
  2. Tuesday (Bathrooms) I have two bathrooms in my house so hitting both of them on a Tuesday is essential. Between cleaning the toilet, shower, and tub, I also wipe the sink, mop and wash any mats in the washer. Make sure you also hit your dailies as well. Done for Tuesday, let’s keep going!
  3. Wednesday(Kitchen) So the kitchen, in general, is on our daily to-do list, right? Yes, but focusing on the deeper cleaning in this area is a Wednesday chore as well. So in addition to all of my dailies, I would clean out the fridge, wipe ALL surfaces, mop, and wipe cabinets. Easy Peasy!
  4. Thursday(Living rooms) Time to hit the living room! Things like vacuuming really well, dusting everything, and washing windows are on the agenda for this day. As well as our dailies of course!
  5. Friday(Misc.) Friday is a different kind of day for cleaning. My Friday consists of any catch up (because we all get busy) and cleaning my office. Don’t forget those dailies too!
  6. Saturday(outside) Saturday is when I focus on outdoors aka my yard. If my husband hasn’t mowed today would be the day to do so! Also, I have kids so cleaning up any toys as well as sweeping the porch is a must. Do your dailies!
  7. Sunday Rest. Just do it.


As I said, this is what MY week looks like but you can customize your schedule to fit YOU. Maybe cleaning outside on Saturday doesn’t make sense for you if you live in an apartment. No worries! Just use that day for something else or take another rest day! Because who doesn’t like that??

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I hope this cleaning schedule is helpful to you and that you are able to use it to fit you and your home’s needs. Don’t forget! Subscribe to my blog and get my FREE cleaning schedule to download! Happy Cleaning!

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