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Have you ever seen those cutely decorated coffee bars on social media or Instagram? You may want your own to be more appealing to guests, or let’s be honest, just for you. But how do people come up with perfectly styled home coffee stations? How do you create your own? I’m going to show you some ways to perk up your kitchen with a freshly created coffee bar and some essentials to get you started. I’ll show you how to make a coffee bar at home.

Home coffee bar mood board

Give me all the cute Mugs

Ok, what’s a coffee bar without ALL the adorable mugs to display? There’s definitely satisfaction in picking the cutest one in the morning and using it for your coffee or tea. I like to display my best mugs on a mug rack that sits on a lazy Susan for easy browsing. As I said, I like to choose the one I am “vibing” that day for my morning coffee. So using something to display your mugs in your coffee bar is a good way to go. Check out some of my favorite mugs!

Managing supplies

There are nice ways to display all of your supplies for your coffee or tea. Anything from using a makeup organizer to a farmhouse wire basket seems to work well and look fabulous. Depending on your style you may want everything nicely organized and laid out, or just piled in one container. Just make sure to get something that holds those beverage “essentials” and you are good to go! Here are some practical and stylish ways to store those supplies.

A Sign that Makes a Statement

It’s not a party until we add in some decor, am I right? Whatever your style is, you can add anything you want to add some life into your space. Here is my current home coffee bar area.

At home coffee bar
Farmhouse Brick kitchen with coffee shelf

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Check out these coffee bar signs for your home coffee area. So many adorable options!

Add some greenery to your Home coffee bar

For some reason, I always love putting a dash of natural green in my vignettes. Something about having real or faux plants is like a breath of fresh air. It adds a natural element to your vignette and gives it a pop of color. Tjmaxx, Amazon, or the Dollar Tree all have perfect little faux plants to add to your space. Here are some cute options to look into!

The Coffee Maker

Unless you boil your water on the stove, you will, of course, need something for dispensing the coffee or hot water for tea. A regular coffee pot would work but I definitely recommend getting a Keurig. If you don’t already have one, these will change your life. There are a lot of stores that sell these but here are a few options you could go with…

Home coffee bar mood board

Shop some cute coffee station stuff here!

Home Coffee Bar Inspo

Over the years I’ve messed around with my little coffee nook many many times. It’s just so fun to make it cute for different seasons and holidays.

Here is one of my past Spring coffee stations that I just loved!

Spring home coffee bar
Spring coffee station in kitchen

And here are some amazing home coffee stations I found that I thought you needed to see! Aren’t they just gorgeous! (These are not my own)

I love how she used her decorative hutch and made a stunning coffee spot inside of it! So cool y’all!


And there you have it!

These should at least get you a good start on making your own home coffee bar. If you like my white brick kitchen, you can find my blog post about how my husband and I did the refresh here. I hope you have a great day and can make yourself a killer at home coffee bar.

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