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Valentine’s day is one of those smaller holidays where you may or may not decorate for. If you do or want to start, I have the perfect place to go to get your cute little pops of pink and red. Whether you want something just subtle or your home to be flooded with love, here I will show you some ideas for Valentine’s Day decorating.

How Valentines Day Started

If you’re like me, you decorate and celebrate this small holiday without knowing exactly how it started. What’s the deal with Valentine’s day anyways? Why is it the holiday of “love”? The Valentine’s day traditions originated from St. Valentine, who performed marriages in secret for young couples. A roman emperor outlawed marriages for young men in hopes that they wouldn’t be distracted and make better soldiers. But St. Valentine rebelled and performed these marriages anyways.

According to, these traditions are fairly mysterious but believe it or not, Valentines cards were exchanged as early as the 1700’s! Interesting, right? If you want to read more about the history behind this holiday click here for more facts about the holiday of romance. Whether we celebrate this holiday because our families did it or just because you can’t resist the adorable decor, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Let The Decorating Begin

Dollar tree store shot of various decorations

As you can see by the sign, I hit up my local dollar tree for my Valentine’s day decorating ideas. They have quite the selection and for only one dollar! This dollar tree’s decor section was so popular that a lot of items were picked clean. Fortunately, they still had a lot to choose from. Cute and affordable, score!

one side shot of the dollar tree store

Here are just a few things I picked up and placed around my living room and I have a confession…This is my first year decorating for this little holiday. But after seeing the pinks and reds paired with my regular farmhouse decor, I just fell in love.

Here are a few must haves for the holiday.


So flowers, whether they are real or faux, are a Valentine’s day staple. If you are wanting the scent that comes with these beauties the you may want to opt for real bouquets, but if you’re like me and have a tighter budget, then dollar store flowers are just the thing to liven up your space. I happened to pick a couple different types of pinks and whites for my home and arranged them in vases and containers. Take a look!

closeup shot of a sign the reads "Love each moment" with flowers

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Table setting

What better way to make your house Valentine’s Day ready then to set a beautifully themed table setting? These valentine’s day place mats were just what my table needed. I also knew they would fit perfectly with my pink faux flowers in my Rae Dunn vase. I love using my RD collection in my decor for all seasons and holidays. The white pottery with simple black lettering just goes great with, well, just about everything!

Valentine's Day table setting with hutch in the background

Wreaths and hanging decor

I didn’t find a traditional wreath this year, but I did pick up these “love” wall hangings. I used them in place of a wreath and they are adorable. Again, it wasn’t what I originally had in mind, BUT they did turn out perfect for the season AND my budget. It’s a win-win.


This heart pillow was perfect for just a little hint of red my couch needed. Nothing too loud but just the right amount of “love”.

living room with brown couch, farmhouse pillows and a small heart shaped pillow

So don’t wait! If you want to save some bucks and decorate for this holiday head to the dollar store! They actually have quite a bit to choose from and have lots of other things I didn’t show. Anything from the traditional valentines cards to exchange to super sweet wall hangings, you can’t go wrong. I love (no pun intended) how these simple and affordable decor items transformed my home into a Valentines day haven. I hope you can use some of these ideas to start decorating this Valentine’s Day and have fun while you’re at it! If you liked this post and want to see how to decorate for free then click here.

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Thanks for coming along with me as I do some Valentine’s Day decorating! I would love to see your Valentine’s day decor in your home! So head over to the dollar store, pick up some decor and tag me on instagram with a picture of your newly decorated home! I would love to see! Thanks again for joining me and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Love Rae Elizabeth

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