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So if you know me or are familiar with my Instagram, you know that I have been collecting Rae Dunn for a while. I just love the pure whites with that cute black lettering. *swoon* Rae Dunn seems to have taken the decor world by storm lately and I can see why! I will show you where to buy Rae Dunn pottery-somewhere you may not even have realized.

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Who Is Rae Dunn?

You may have seen Rae Dunn in stores in your area, or possibly online to buy, or maybe in some beautiful Instagram collections decorated to the nines. I know I have! If you aren’t familiar with this product though, you may have some questions. Who is Rae Dunn exactly? According to, Rae Dunn is the name of a California native who has a big passion for making clay products, which are now sold nationwide.

This amazing woman started by going to college and receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree and in Art Science and from there, designing one of the most popular pottery products in the decor world.

From a quick glance, her signature Rae Dunn pottery is very simple, consisting of white clay products with basic black lettering, Rae Dunn has anything in her collection on the Magenta site ranging from birdhouses, plates, and Rae Dunn mugs, amongst many many more.

She also has clay products that are specific for holidays as well. You can find her collection specific for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and birthdays!

Where to buy Rae Dunn
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Rae Dunn mugs
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Rae Dunn Pottery
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Why Is the Rae Dunn Artisan Cup So Popular?

So we know who Rae Dunn is and what her products consist of, but the big question for many people would be, “Why is Rae Dunn so popular?”

Well, there are definitely different reasons for everyone on why they would want to purchase Rae Dunn’s products, but let’s look at a little list of some popular reasons why this collection is taking the decor world by storm.

  1. Because these Rae Dunn collections are so wonderfully simple, white with black lettering, these home décor pieces are so versatile and can essentially marry well together with virtually ANY style or other decor pieces that you pair with it. Win-Win!
  2. While these pieces are so simple and beautiful to many, as mentioned above, Rae Dunn also has released many different pottery pieces that cover SO MANY holidays, birthdays, specific name mugs, themed pottery pieces (such as popular tv shows, series, books, and many more). Most likely, you will be able to find almost anything in her collection that appeals to you as an individual!
  3. Believe it or not, not all stores sell Rae Dunn products and collections. Only a few select stores currently carry these coveted items. Since this is the case, many “Dunners” (a phrase used for Rae Dunn collectors among many others) find this to be actually more fun because there is a “hunt” involved. There are also “unicorn pieces” which we will touch on later.
Then Rae Dunn happened
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Which Stores Sell Rae Dunn?

Now that we have touched on a few things about Rae Dunn Pottery, let’s look at where to buy Rae Dunn, shall we? As I mentioned, only a select few stores carry Rae Dunn at this time, making the Rae Dunn Pottery hunt even more sought after.

if you want to know where to buy Rae Dunn in stores, or where to buy Rae Dunn online, below is a list of different amazing stores that currently carry them now:

  • Of course, you can go directly to who distributes this Rae Dunn collection, and purchase from their site easily. I will say though, you will get brand new quality Rae Dunn products from this site, but the only downside is that you will pay more money. Let’s look at cheaper options if you prefer…
  • One of my favorite stores in my area to purchase her collection such as Rae Dunn mugs would be good ‘ol tj maxx! Yes, believe it or not, TJMAXX carries quite a bit of this product in stores and online! They are very good about giving you AMAZING deals ranging from 5.99 for one Rae Dunn mug! Score!!
  • Homegoods is another place for buying Rae Dunn, if you have this option in your area, go check them out or visit their website and surf around for that perfect Rae Dunn piece for you!
  • Marshalls in-store and online is a great option for looking for starting your very own Rae Dunn collection, check them out and start shopping immediately!
  • Sierra also sells some awesome priced Rae Dunn as well! As they are a branch of the above companies.

Where Can I Buy Rae Dunn Online?

Since we touched on where to buy Rae Dunn in stores, let’s look more into where to buy Rae Dunn online!

  • Of course, sells higher-priced Rae Dunn Pottery and Rae Dunn mugs and birdhouses to name a few.
  • As mentioned above, TJMAXX, HOMEGOODS, Sierra, and MARSHALLS online sell Rae Dunn pieces at a much more affordable price! YAY!
  • Another online retailer you may not have realized is Poshmark and Mercari. When looking for more specific or “sought after” types, these sites would be the way to go! It’s important to note though, these sites have listings from independent sellers and not from the site itself.
  • And of course, eBay is another place you can search where to buy Rae Dunn!

I will link some AMAZING Rae Dunn staple pieces for you below!

Where To Buy Rae Dunn Candles?

Okay I have another insider secret for you!

if you haven’t yet looked around at the different online places for where to buy Rae Dunn, you may not have known that you can actually buy Rae Dunn candles! YES! Who doesn’t love an amazing smelling candle?? I know I definitely do! Bring ’em on!

Let’s get right into it friend. Can you believe that WALMART actually sells Rae Dunn candles right now? They don’t currently sell Rae Dunn in stores that I have any knowledge of. But what I do know, is that you can browse Walmart’s stores online right now for the real Rae Dunn candle collection!! Here are a few awesome Rae Dunn candle products below:

Tips On Where To Buy Rae Dunn Products

Tips for Finding Rae Dunn products in store

If you decide you want to become a fellow “dunnie” like myself, hehe, you may want to start looking at your local TJMAXX, HOMEGOODS, or MARSHALLS, if you have them in your area that is. My tip for looking for the best deals and pieces of Rae Dunn Pottery would be to go early! Early bird gets the worm, right? I have done this myself actually and have found that you can easily find amazing Rae Dunn collection pieces that you are searching for when you go at opening time at your local store.

Tips on where to find Rae Dunn online

I have definitely purchased my fair share of online Rae Dunn mugs, birdhouses, and candles. Even though I do enjoy the Rae Dunn hunt at local stores and the thrill of “What cool piece will I find?”, online is sometimes my best bet. Again, when looking online at Rae Dunn Pottery, I would suggest opening up that computer early on in the day. Some fellow Rae Dunn junkies have suggested to me to sign in around 4 AM5 AM and see the newest added pieces BEFORE they sell out!

Rae Dunn Pottery photo
Rae Elizabeth Design photo

Rae Dunn Look-Alike Products

Now, you may be thinking, “Rae, I don’t know if I’m quite ready to start buying Rae Dunn just yet” or “Rae, I LOVE Rae Dunn Pottery, BUT I also am interested in some look-alike products, are there any?”

The answer is simply put, YES.

Here are a few Rae Dunn look-alike products and where to find them:

Common Phrases Rae Dunn Collectors Use

Now as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, these are some common phrases that collectors of the Rae Dunn brand use when referring to certain things, such as other collectors, Rae Dunn Pottery, and more. Here is a look at a few so the next time you see them come up, you aren’t left in the dark!


This phrase is often used when referring to Rae Dunn collectors. Simply put “Dunnies” would be those folks (men or women) who just LOVE collecting Rae Dunn, such as Rae Dunn coffee mugs!

“Unicorns” or “Unicorn Item”

Now this one you may see a lot if you are in a popular Rae Dunn group, or a group That specializes in where to find Rae Dunn pieces. I am a part of several Facebook groups that have fellow “Dunnies” that share different links, deals, and much more with each other. But let’s look at the word “unicorn”. “Unicorn” or “unicorn item” is referring to a Rae Dunn Pottery piece that is hard to find or hard to find to that specific person in their area. Usually, someone may reach out for help and want to trade Rae Dunn coffee mugs for instance, for a hard-to-find piece that they may be looking for.


Simply put, “UFT” means, “Up for trade”, such as trading one Rae Dunn Pottery piece for another piece that the original person is looking for.

“UFS” means “Up for Sale”, usually the person saying this is usually not wanting to trade Rae Dunn items but is interested in getting paid and selling a piece to someone.

Easy Peasy right?

Rae Dunn Pottery

If you have any other questions about where to buy Rae Dunn, Who is Rae Dunn, or what some “dunnie” phrases might be, then just shoot me a message or comment below!

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I sure hope you enjoyed this post and learned some new things about Rae Dunn herself and all about her collection. I would absolutely love to see your Rae Dunn collection that you are working on if you send me a photo or attach it in the comments! Happy Dunning!


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