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Our dads have gone through a lot when it came to raising us, or heck maybe he didn’t. Even if he didn’t, Dad deserves a great Father’s day from his favorite child that doesn’t disappoint. Am I right? Let’s make Dad smile with these guaranteed ways to make father’s day special with some Father’s Day gift ideas.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: What Kind of Guy Is He?

When you’re thinking about a great gift for that special dad in your life, you may be stuck. Sally across the street got her dad a fishing pole last year and her dad was thrilled. Well, even though her dad was excited about that gift, your dad may not be.

You need to determine what TYPE of dad he is. What I mean is what is his style? What does he like? What kinds of things is he into? Determining this will definitely help you in your Father’s day gift guide ideas.

If you can think about what types of things he engages in or appreciates then getting him that special gift may be easier than you thought.

Father's Day gift ideas

The Dad Who Loves Sports

Gooo Sports Team! Haha! Or which team Dad likes. There’s many out there but there’s only one that means the world to this Dad! Anything related to his favorite team is a great gift. Hats, jerseys, or even tickets to the team’s next winning game! Honestly even if sports, in general, aren’t your thing, I’m sure he would love for you to go with him and enjoy a game together.

The Dad Who Loves the Outdoors

I know a few guys who love all things outside. Things such as fishing, hunting, horseback riding, hiking, camping… The list goes on. Your dad might be an outdoors kinda dad and that’s great! Determine what kind of outdoorsy type he is and act accordingly. I have linked a few options below.

The Dad Who Loves to Cook

Yum yum! This dad loves cooking and always dishes up something delicious! I’m sure whenever you are over at his house you can’t wait to try his famous dish. Why not get him something helpful with his cooking adventures? Here some ideas for you!

The Dad Who Loves Cars

Mustangs and vipers and…wagons! Oh my! Sometimes there are dads, or hey A LOT of dads that can’t get enough of cars and car accessories. Buffing and cleaning that special car in the garage is his favorite thing to do and his most prized possession…After you of course! Let’s look at some car-related items he might love.

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I hope this helped you with your Father’s Day gift ideas, or at least gave you a good start to what your dad may like. Of course, there are many many other types of dads out there, but if you think about some things that he likes or appreciates, then that will most definitely get you started. I hope you all have a great Father’s Day with the ones you love! And if you want to get something fun just for YOU, make sure to visit THIS POST to read about my farmhouse favorites.

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