Celebrating Earth Day: DIY Vase and Flowers Craft

Some of you in your homes may celebrate Earth Day and this year I wanted to give you a great and fun way to celebrate. And a bonus, it can be with the whole family- with a fun DIY Earth Day craft.

Constructing a craft with your kids to celebrate this holiday is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved ones. But also making something uniquely your own. The unfortunate side of crafting can be the expense as well as all the waste that can happen.

That’s why this craft is perfect; it’s made from things already found in your pantry or from recyclable and repurposed items!


Guaranteed Ways To Make Father’s Day A Hit: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Our dads have gone through a lot when it came to raising us, or heck maybe he didn’t. Even if he didn’t, Dad deserves a great Father’s day from his favorite child that doesn’t disappoint. Am I right? Let’s make Dad smile with these guaranteed ways to make father’s day special with some Father’s Day gift ideas.

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Cheap Summer Bucket List- Kid Edition

Oh my Lanta it’s almost Summertime! Along with summer can come with kids off of school, and they can be a little uh, whiny. Am I right? They are so used to school all day that they almost don’t know what to do with this newfound free time that they get, well, bored. So let’s look at some boredom busters for this summer and see my cheap (and fun!) summer bucket list when you have kids to entertain.


25 Things to Do While You are Stuck at Home

Hey Guys! I wanted to do something a little bit different again this week and give you some ideas for things to do if you are stuck at home. Especially if you are still under stay at home orders or general quarantine. Or hey! Maybe it’s a Saturday and you don’t have anywhere to go or anything going on.

I totally get where you are at, friend. So let’s not waste that day not knowing what to do any longer! Let’s look at some fun and even educational things to do at home!


What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day 2020

Are you ready for Mother’s day 2020? Need some ideas for Mom?

Mother’s day is coming and I am here to give you some ideas on how to make Mom’s day special.

But what do you get Mom when you aren’t in 3rd grade anymore and beaded necklaces you made in class just don’t work anymore? While I don’t know your mother personally, I do have some ideas to help make this Mother’s Day an ultimate success this year.

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