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Oh my Lanta it’s almost Summertime! Along with summer can come with kids off of school, and they can be a little uh, whiny. Am I right? They are so used to school all day that they almost don’t know what to do with this newfound free time that they get, well, bored. So let’s look at some boredom busters for this summer and see my cheap (and fun!) summer bucket list when you have kids to entertain.

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Summer Bucket List

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Go camping – Get outdoors with your family in the form of a fun camping trip. And honestly, let me tell you a fun secret, it doesn’t have to be far away in the woods for you all to have fun. As a kid, my dad, siblings and I would pitch a tent out in our backyard and spend the night out there! It was a blast for us grade schoolers!

Make a Fort– Another favorite pastime of mine would be making forts with my siblings. Making forts can be made out of anything. Try making one out of cardboard! Not only is it fairly durable, but they can color and customize it to make it their own!

Run through the Sprinklers– Hehe! Who hasn’t done this as a kid? Now go out there and let them have fun, while watering the grass!

Do Sidewalk Chalk– I know my daughter loves to do this. It lets your kids be creative and can entertain them for quite a while!

Go for a Walk– This one is pretty simple. But let me tell you, even if you just go for a walk today, you and your family will feel so much better!

Go to a Park– Depending on your area your parks may be open. But if they are, go have some fun!

Nature Hike- Strap on those hiking boots on everyone and go out into nature! There are so many beautiful places to go to. Not to mention fun things to do such as geocaching. Which is basically a scavenger hunt for kids and adults!

Go Swimming– AGain, your pools may not be open, so check your local information.

Ride Bikes– This is fun for a ton of ages! And if you have a little, is it time to teach them how to ride a bike?

Make Popsicles- Yum yum! There are tons of popsicle recipes out there that are just too easy! No excuses not to let you and your kids give this one a try!

Bake Together– Now this one is an indoor one, but kids love spending any kind of quality time with you, and creating something with you that you eat afterward is even better!

Build Legos– Pretty straightforward but kids love being creative in this way, why not get down on the floor and make something fun with them?

Have a Picnic– Having a picnic is great for kids. Let them pack some yummy things to take with you and have an awesome lunch together somewhere fun or hey, even in your backyard.

Drive-Thru Movie– Now this may not be cheap depending on where you live, but if you go with friends and pile in one car, you usually pay per vehicle.

Sail Paper Boats– If you have a little body of water nearby, then go sail some boats! You can even make the boats together before they make their grand departure!

Go to the Zoo– I don’t know about your area, but my local Zoo has a lot of cheap days or even free days for us to head to see some cool animals. Check your zoo if you have one close by and go have a fun safari!

Bug/flower Journal- Depending on what your kids are more interested in, it’s fun to get a notebook and watch bugs, flowers, birds, or anything else that’s part of nature. Encourage them to journal about their habits. It’s also a beautiful keepsake for mamas when their kids get older too.

Pick Flowers– Kids love to pick flowers and have their parents showcase them in the home!

Water Balloons– Go to the local dollar tree and get some cheap balloons to fill with water. Fill ’em up and have a fun afternoon getting soaked!

And there it is! I hope you all have a blast of a summer, like we did as kids! Hopefully, you can use some of these ideas to do just that! If you want more ideas of things to do with kids if you are still under quarantine, then check this out! Thanks for checking out my summer bucket list! Come follow me on Instagram and tag me in your cheap summer bucket list activities!!

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