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Surprise! I  have another fun redo or “refresh” for you guys. I hope this gives you lots of inspiration as I show you how I changed my bedroom from more of a “glam” home decor style to a farmhouse look. Here I will show how to create a farmhouse bedroom and where to shop if you are looking to change yours up as well! 

Now glam might be more of your style but the farmhouse style was like I said, more me. So it was time for a change. Before all the bedroom walls were brownish-gray and I had a lot of metal fancy wall hangings in here. Take a look…

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Like I said before, nothing was wrong with it at all! I actually didn’t mind my bedroom too much. But, it needed to be refreshed and I wanted it to be a more rustic farmhouse style. So, let’s dive in!

Accent wall time

I knew from looking at my favorite search engine, Pinterest, what I wanted for my bedroom, which was a really eye-catching accent wall. I decided on another white brick for my accent wall and believe it or not, it doesn’t look too shabby! If you missed my brick kitchen, you can find the blog post HERE. I used something similar to this wallpaper in my kitchen for my accent wall in my bedroom and I love it!

getting up the accent wall

 Something about me and the ease of farmhouse wallpaper just has me smitten, friends. I love how easy it is and also, if you choose the right paper, how realistic it looks! I have people tell me that if you didn’t know it beforehand, you would think it was real brick. But, it’s just wallpaper! If you want to make your own realistic brick wall, then click the images below to shop for some good ones so you can create a farmhouse bedroom!

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Hey! Make sure to click on these little pics to shop!

The main attraction: Window frame

Step right up, step right up folks! And see the main attraction here! Well, the window frame that is! Again, Pinterest is my buddy and I saw some amazing walls with windows on them there. So I just had to, okay? Thanks, Pinterest! Speaking of, follow me on Pinterest HERE

I have an amazing friend who is also into the farmhouse look as well and she was kind enough to let me pick out a glass-free window frame. I wanted to use one without glass that way, I had peace of mind about it hanging over my head at night. That might be silly but it’s something that has happened-stuff falling on me in the middle of the night. So, no thanks. But anyway, it turned out amazing with the white brick. Take a look!!

huge window frame

Psst! Shop windows for your wall here!

Rustic Bed frame

Another thing I wanted (NEEDED) for my bedroom to complete this look would be this rustic bed frame. I think we got this at a steal at our local discount furniture place actually. It was new and beautiful just calling my name at the furniture store. So we took it home! I think it adds a nice rustic touch to our bedroom and I love how it all looks together.

side angle of bed frame and side table

Psst! Shop bed frames that will complete your look!

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Side tables: finishing up…for now

I will be totally honest with you guys, I obviously am not perfect at this decorating thing. At all. So when I bought these white side tables for our bed, it was before this farmhouse makeover. So to tell you the truth, I may have picked out something a bit different, such as a different style or color. 

But it’s not too bad at least for now as they are white and some believe white goes with just about anything! I added some white wood contact paper but I’m not sure if it will stay or not. 

Again, just being real with you guys, this bedroom is a work in progress. I have a few more ideas for this bedroom that I *might* do or I may leave it.

 But I wanted to show you guys how much it’s changed and hopefully give you some good inspiration, even if it’s to freshen up your space for summer! I hope y’all enjoyed it! Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already! Thanks for coming along as I showed how to create a farmhouse bedroom!

create a farmhouse bedroom

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