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Hey Guys! I can’t wait to show you something so cool and beautiful that I got recently.

Not to mention…I got it for FREE!!!

Come see this beautiful antique cabinet that found a new place in my home!

What I Found and How I Found It

So we all know that furniture can be crazy expensive, right? I think there have been purchases my husband and I have made on furniture, that while they have been nice, they made us cringe as soon as we swiped our card. Yikes. I guess I’ve always thought it was just going to be a lot of moolah to get a cool piece of furniture. …but I was totally wrong.

So recently I was just doing my normal morning stuff, drinking my coffee, and checking social media and emails. Some of you know that I homeschool my son and this is our first year doing it too! More on that to come. So with doing that, I signed up to be in a homeschool email loop here locally. So I will get emails from the local homeschool community. 

But anyway, I came across a loop email about a woman not selling, but GIVING AWAY an antique cabinet. So, well duh I had to click on it and know more. Turns out she was rehoming a cool looking cabinet that her Great-Grandfather had made. Wow! While she was sad to see it go, she never had the time to do anything with it and it sat in her garage. So she stated that she wanted to rehome this treasure to someone that would well, treasure it. Guys, I emailed her back right then and scooped it up. 

antique cabinet before
dirty cabinet

But…What to do with it?

Fast forward to the next few days and my husband and I were driving to go get this antique. I was pretty excited and started thinking of ways to use it and what I would do with it when I got it home. Hmmm. There were some options that I had in regards to giving it some TLC. 

  1. I could sand it and paint it a different color I liked.
  2. Leave in its original state 
  3. Sand it and stain it

After some thinking, I decided I liked the cool chippy look and wanted to leave it in its original state. Now some may not have done that but I have been leaning more toward old, chippy, farmhouse furniture pieces. And to be honest, I didn’t really have any yet! I kinda liked it’s the perfectly imperfect look and old characteristics that has probably seen a lot in its time.

My son wanted to help after school was done so we got to work. I just took an old rag, or several rags, and cleaned every single nook and cranny with water and vinegar. It actually cleaned up pretty nicely! After that was done, I took some polyurethane and covered it head to toe to seal its chippiness. Ta-da! After letting it dry for 24 hours per my husband’s recommendation, we brought it inside!

My Antique Cabinet’s New Home

Yes! It’s all finished and honestly didn’t take much time at all to give it some love since I decided to leave it how it originally was when I got it. For now, I wanted it front and center in our living room where I can take really good pictures of it for my Instagram, you can find me HERE. I wanted there to be good lighting to showcase it. I’m honestly not exactly sure if it will stay there permanently but for now, that’s where it will be, and the antique cabinet will definitely be treasured. 

Click the images to purchase!

sneak peek of free cabinet
full shot of antique cabinet

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