Colorful Mexican Style Bedroom Furniture To Boost Your Style

Mexican interior design tends to use rustic wood, vibrant colors, and old world style furniture in Mexican style bedrooms. It is largely because of the beautiful Mexican style bedroom furniture that is chosen that makes the room have that authentic feel and sense of warmth.

You might be wondering how to make the Mexican-style bedroom of your dreams, so let’s go ahead and look at a few things to include on your shopping list or the next time your browsing through the furniture catalog.


How To Amaze Your Guests With Lamp Goods

Hey guys! I hope you are all well during these weird and uncertain times lately. To say things have been changing in an odd way would be a major understatement for sure. But you know what? There’s still joy in this. There are still things in my day that bring me joy! So I try to focus on those. One thing that got me VERY excited lately was some happy mail from The Lamp Goods. Here I’m going to tell you all about them and why I decided to choose Lamp Goods to amaze my guests in my home.


My Mamma Mia Covers Review

Hey friends! If you’ve read my previous post about Clever Ways to Restyle then you saw me talk about Mamma Mia Covers. If not, check it out! I basically stated that I had a piece of furniture that was outdated and not the right color for my space. Well, I ended up getting a cover for myself from Mamma Mia and before I knew it, my old chair was like new! If you are thinking of buying with them, hopefully, my very HONEST review will help you make a decision so here is my Mamma Mia Covers Review.


Create a Farmhouse Bedroom

Surprise! I  have another fun redo or “refresh” for you guys. I hope this gives you lots of inspiration as I show you how I changed my bedroom from more of a “glam” home decor style to a farmhouse look. Here I will show how to create a farmhouse bedroom and where to shop if you are looking to change yours up as well! 

Now glam might be more of your style but the farmhouse style was like I said, more me. So it was time for a change. Before all the bedroom walls were brownish-gray and I had a lot of metal fancy wall hangings in here. Take a look…

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Spring Tablescape + How to Get the Look

Hey friends! I hope you are all doing okay with all that’s been going on lately. It has definitely thrown a curveball to most of us and upheaved our schedules, am I right? 

With all of this Covid-19 craziness going on, Spring has come! And I couldn’t be happier about that. In celebration, let’s look at a fun Spring tablescape and table setting to lighten the mood, shall we? We could all use a little bit of pretty decor inspiration in our lives from time to time!

spring Tablescape
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