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Hey guys! I hope you are all well during these weird and uncertain times lately. To say things have been changing in an odd way would be a major understatement for sure. But you know what? There’s still joy in this. There are still things in my day that bring me joy! So I try to focus on those. One thing that got me VERY excited lately was some happy mail from The Lamp Goods. Here I’m going to tell you all about them and why I decided to choose Lamp Goods to amaze my guests in my home.

Amaze Your Guests with Lamp Goods: The Before

Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE my dining room. I’m actually pretty silly when it comes to my living room and dining room. I like to have them looking their best whenever I can. It makes me happy whenever I look at them. Do you feel that way about a space in your home? I just feel happy when I get to clean them up nice, fluff the pillows, and have them looking their best.

But you know what? Even though I loved my dining room, something needed to change. And I’ll tell you what that was. The chandelier was too outdated.

How to amaze your guests with Lamp Goods the before

So I looked and looked at some stores and felt disappointed at either the quality or the price. I mean come on! Then one day, I came across The Lamp Goods, and was pleasantly surprised! They are a Christian company (Which I love) that sells farmhouse and rustic light fixtures, and they are affordable! It’s safe to say that my dining room was forever changed…

Amaze your Guests with Lamp Goods: The After

how to amaze your guests with Lamp Goods

Wow-what a difference! And can I say, in all honesty, that it looks WAY better in person! It fits perfectly with my decor with it’s galvanized look and unique Edison bulbs that came with the light itself. Let’s just say I will be purchasing more from The Lamp Goods in the future. If you decide you want your own, click HERE to see all of their options, which is quite a lot!

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Amaze Your Guests with Lamp Goods: Why This is for YOU

I honestly hadn’t noticed my old light fixture for a while and when I finally notice it and put in the new one, BAM! It changed the look of the space so much. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It was truly very hard to pick which light fixture to get for my dining room. Not only were there many beautiful options to choose from, but there were some things to consider when picking your very own light fixture for your space.

What to Consider When Picking a Light Fixture

You need to make sure to consider your own style. Lucky The Lamp Goods has plenty to choose from! Between Mason Jar pendants and chandeliers, milk glass, and clear glass lights you shouldn’t have a problem choosing one for yourself.

Again, I am always straight with you guys and only recommend products that I LOVE and The Lamp Goods would be included in that.

I was extremely pleased with the heart and soul that was put into making this beautiful fixture and I cannot wait to make these light fixtures more a part of my home. Next time you want to amaze your guests, upgrade your light fixtures using Lamp Goods. You won’t be sorry friends!

woman with lamp Goods light
woman with Lamp Goods light

I would love it if you would stick around and see what other farmhouse and general home decor posts I have just for YOU!

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