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Hello! My name is Katie from the gift ideas and product recommendation blog, Giftablee. I’m so excited to be working with RaeElizabethDesign on this home interior design collaboration. Today, I’m bringing you the top 10 best gifts ideas for what to bring to a housewarming party. Be sure to head over to to read Rachel’s post How to Make an Old Home Look Modern. You’ll find all our favorite products linked throughout both posts. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters to get our free gifts to you! Now, let’s get started!

Do People Even Give Housewarming Gifts Anymore?

You may have heard the widely reported statistic that Americans on average move 11 times in their lifetime. Instinctively, you begin tallying up all the times you have moved. And, turns out, you are well on your way to average yourself.

So, with such transience in our American DNA, it’s likely that every couple years you or someone you know will experience the exciting and emotional milestone of moving. You’re going to want to be prepared to appropriately recognize these times.

At, we think housewarming gifts are always a thoughtful gesture to show you care about your friend or family member’s significant life event. This is particularly true if you are invited to a housewarming party. In this case, a gift is a no brainer. Even if there is no party, you can’t go wrong bringing a gift. Take the advice of an old country song- “if you have the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance”. And by dance, we mean bring the gift.

How to Pick a Good Housewarming Gift

Housewarming gifts do not have to be expensive. In fact, a lot of the best housewarming gifts are the simpler thought-that-counts type of gifts. Think about what your friend or family member may be feeling in the moment. What might they be needing? What little gesture might go a long way to help offset any of the financial or emotional stress of moving?

How Much to Spend on a Housewarming Gift

Use the guidelines above as a general rule of thumb when determining how much to spend on a housewarming gift for your friend or family member. There are always extenuating circumstances that can shift the scale in either direction. Some of the most common mitigating factors might be:

  • How recently the person has moved last. If the person has moved within a couple years, the housewarming gift should be small.
  • Likewise, if this is a young couple moving into their first home, consider spending a bit more to purchase them an item they might not be able to afford themselves.
  • Adjust your budget to fit your own financial situation. If you can’t afford a nice gift within the suggested budget range, consider going in on a gift with someone else. As always, if you have the means to spend more than the suggested value, then feel free to spend more.

Still Unsure of What to Bring?

Allow us to help spark your creativity. Here are our top 10 best gift ideas for what to bring to a housewarming party.

10 Housewarming Gifts People Actually Want to Receive

1. Cash or Gift Card

You thought it required more creativity than this, didn’t you? Well, good news- it really doesn’t. Moving is expensive. A little extra cash in a card is a practical gift that makes total cents…we mean, sense. Either way, extra cash or a gift card to a local grocery store can be used to stock a fridge or pantry, replenish a spice cabinet or buy necessary storage containers for organization in the new house. Gift cards to home improvement stores like Lowes, Home Depot or Menards are sure to come in handy. A great gift for a couple moving out of their starter home is a gift card to high end retailers like Pottery Barn, West Elm and Crate & Barrel. Any way you go with this one, extra money is always a welcomed gift.

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2. Celebratory Bottle of Wine (or alcohol of choice)

Toast to new beginnings with a favorite bottle of wine or other alcohol of choice. If your friend or family member does not drink alcohol, consider specialty teas or a sampling of herb infused cooking oils. Our picks for best buys when it comes to different varieties of alcohol include the following:

  1. Red Wine: Gnarly Head 1924 Double Black $10.99 (Full bodied and easy to drink. A Giftablee favorite for sure!)
  2. White Wine: Outlot Sauvignon Blanc 2016 $23.99 (Pretty bottle for gifting)
  3. Champagne: Nicolas Feuillatte Reserve Exclusive Brut $36.00 (Light, fruity and refreshing at a great price)
  4. Whiskey: The Whistler Irish Whiskey $30.00 (So smooth it’ll make whiskey your drink of choice)
  5. Rum: Appleton Estate $24.00 (A high-end rum with no sugar added, good for both both serious sippers and people who like to make a good cocktail)
  6. Vodka: Absolut Elyx $45.00 (A time-tested brand that comes in several different sized stunning copper pineapple bottles)
  7. Tequila: La Gritona Reposado Tequila $34.50 (Crisp and refreshing with no burn)

3. Doormats

Most of the time when people are moving into a new house, they are usually upgrading from what they had before. This means there are going to be more doorways that need mats, and who wants to spend money on those? Incidentally, this is what makes doormats a great gift idea. You can find doormats monogrammed with the person’s initial for the front door or go with some high quality options that cut down on tracking in dirt.

4. Personalized Artwork

This one can teeter on the edge of tabu, if done incorrectly. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently give someone a piece of artwork they hate and make them feel obligated to display it somewhere in their house. But, personalized artwork, on the contrary, can actually be a really great gift!

Gifts like this custom house portrait that helps commemorate their new home, or this city map art piece to showcase the city they are from or that they just moved to, can be a sentimental keepsake they will cherish for a lifetime. An equally great idea is to purchase a frame and offer to take their picture in front of their new house. Print the picture, and give it to them to display in the new frame.

5. Return Address Stamp

There is no better way to pay tribute to the new house than with this self-inking rubber stamp return label. We seriously love it, and your friend or family member with love not having to write out their return address as long as they live at that address.

6. Pineapple Air Plant Magnets

Plants in general make traditionally perfect housewarming gifts. They help bring a little life to the home, when it might otherwise feel a little bare and unsettled. But, if you’re not sure your friend or family member has a green thumb, you’ll want to go with a safe option like these Pineapple Air Plant Magnets. An added bonus here is they double as two gifts in one- plants and magnets. A perfect marriage of housewarming gift harmony!

7. Bread Warming Blanket

One of the sweetest ways to welcome your friend or family member into their new home is simply by “breaking bread” with them. Literally, give them a break from the unpacking by bringing them dinner to enjoy in their new home. We think this reusable bread warming blanket and a warm loaf of bread would be the coziest housewarming gift, sure to provide all the warm, fuzzy feelings.

8. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

If you are bringing a housewarming gift to a technology lover, then the echo dot smart speaker is an obvious choice. Smart homes are the way of the future, and it’s only a matter of time before we all jump on board. Even if the person doesn’t quite value the newest technological innovations, they will at least appreciate not having to spend their own money to try it out. Plus, we know they are going to end up loving it in the end.

9. Personalized Home Portrait Ornament

A beautiful and sentimental way to remember the year they moved into their new home. This personalized home portrait ornament will be a cherished gift they’ll treasure at each holiday season.

10. Funny Toilet Paper Holder

Yes, they do need this! Everybody needs something to make them smile. Whether you go with this cute toilet paper holder or say these witty hand towels, give a gift that sparks some joy. Laughter is medicine for the soul, and that’s a gift that never goes out of style.

We would love to hear your go-to housewarming gift ideas! If you have any ideas to add to our list, please share them in the comments below. Be sure to visit for our most recent gift ideas for all your gift giving occasions. We look forward to gifting with you next time!

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