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Ever wonder how to get that farmhouse look for yourself? You see it all over social media, but where to begin? There’s just so much out there that it can be very overwhelming to decide how to get the farmhouse look, but also have it be something you like. So here I will show you how to start farmhouse decorating in this farmhouse decorating: for beginners post!

Deciding It’s Something You Want

You may know totally 100% sure you just dig the farmhouse look and want to start decorating ASAP with anything and everything. If this isn’t you, I want to encourage you to make sure to always pick out pieces that you LOVE. 

Now on this blog, I will always tell you guys what I personally love and what I think you’ll love. So when picking out farmhouse items, make sure they are not only trendy, but WANT YOU WANT. I have some amazing ideas I think you will LOVE and will definitely get you on the right track to decorating your living room farmhouse style! Let’s dive in!

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Farmhouse Living Room Finds You Will Adore

Click on the pictures to see about pricing and purchasing!

  1. Two-Toned Baskets: These are not only functional for your living room but stylish in the most farmhouse sort of way. You can use them to store just about anything! I like to use them to store my kid’s toys, the select few that are ALLOWED to stay in the living room. You can always use them for my favorite function: putting real or faux plants inside! This duo is perfect if you want that farmhouse but even more earthy vibe (good vibes only hehe!)

2. Antique Sign: Okay now farmhouse signs are just a staple. SO if you want that cute farmhouse look, I recommend you start with this really fun “Antiques” sign! I love putting signs above dressers or cabinets or above doorways! Also, This sign is ONLY 10 bucks right now. So make sure to grab it now before it’s gone!

3. Farmhouse Wreath: Wreaths are a good piece to start with when looking for farmhouse decor. They add nice greenery to your space and really “liven” it up!

4. Grain Sack Pillows: These grain sack looking pillows are p-e-r-f-e-c-t for your rustic/farmhouse area. They resemble normal grain sacks used for storing feed for animals back in the day. Again, it adds a rustic feel but it’s also old-timey.

5. Rustic Cabinet: Farmhouse furniture can make or break your space. So I have linked a better-priced cabinet for you guys.

BUT if you want to know how I got my old antique cabinet FOR FREE then head over to this post.

6. The Trusty Jute Rug: This may not be your style, I know when I first thought about adding a jute rug to my living room I scoffed. Too many boho vibes for me. (I do like boho, but I like farmhouse more.) But when my good friend, Jade got one for her room, I fell in love with it! I purchased one off my favorite place to shop, FB Marketplace! Originally $100 I got mine for $30! If you want to see what my living room looks like with this type of rug then head over to my Instagram HERE.

And that’s it for now! I will definitely be writing more about my decor finds. And even decor finds for other styles as well!

Let me know in the comments which home decor style you would like me to write about next!

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