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Mexican interior design tends to use rustic wood, vibrant colors, and old world style furniture in Mexican style bedrooms. It is largely because of the beautiful Mexican style bedroom furniture that is chosen that makes the room have that authentic feel and sense of warmth.

You might be wondering how to make the Mexican-style bedroom of your dreams, so let’s go ahead and look at a few things to include on your shopping list or the next time your browsing through the furniture catalog.

But first, how did the iconic Mexican-style interior design come to be?

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History of Mexican-Style Interior Design

Why do we know Mexican interior design to be those rich colors and that certain type of eclectic feel? 

Why that particular style and where did it come from?

Jemima Forbes wrote over at Enchanting Travels and said it best,

“Mexican architecture is extremely diverse and each style tells a vivid story of the country’s past. As well as elegant colonial-era structures in the bustling cities and towns, you’ll spot remarkably preserved ruins in more rural areas that date back to pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Much of current Mexican architecture stems from its Hispanic history and is similar to what you might find in many of Spain’s older cities.”

In the 15th and 16th centuries, conquistadors and Spanish missionaries traveled to the Americas and brought a lot of their style and architecture with them when they came to central and southern America. Between their style from Spain mixed with the native tribal culture of the Aztecs and Mayans that were already living there, the authentic Mexican style we know was born.

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What to Look For When Creating With Mexican Interiors

Iron Furnishings

One good element to look for when decorating your Mexican-style bedroom are decor pieces or furniture with iron accents. Having iron pieces in your bedroom design not only will provide those straight lines you need for this design, but will supply some great options for natural materials that last.

Incorporating iron decor pieces or furniture into your Mexican-style bedroom can add a touch of authenticity and charm. You can opt for iron bed frames, bedside tables, or decorative wall accents. These pieces often feature intricate wrought iron work, showcasing the craftsmanship that is characteristic of Mexican design. Invest in some beautiful iron furnishings and you’ll enjoy them for many years.

The use of iron furnishings also allows for the inclusion of natural materials, as iron pairs well with materials such as wood and stone. For example, a rustic wooden headboard with iron details can bring a sense of warmth and character to your bedroom. Additionally, iron hooks or racks can be used to display colorful textiles or Mexican blankets, adding a vibrant touch to the space.

When choosing iron furnishings for your Mexican-style bedroom, consider looking for pieces that have unique details such as scrollwork or hammered finishes. These details further enhance the rustic and authentic feel of the overall design. Remember that the quality of the iron furnishings is important to ensure that it lasts quite a while, so investing in well-made pieces is the way to go.

a mexican themed bedroom with an iron canopy bed
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The combination of iron with vibrant colors, rustic furniture, and cultural elements creates a harmonious and visually striking space that captures the essence of Mexican interior design.

Rustic Furniture

Another great way to incorporate that authentic Mexican feel, is the use different styles of rustic furniture. This could be things such as solid wood chairs or furniture with copper accents. 

Things like using heavy wood in your chest of drawers and door wardrobe for instance, is a great option for your Mexican style bedroom furniture.

Some other great places like Rustica House sell beautiful Mexican style furniture with gorgeous bright colors in their rustic bedroom sets and showcase their handmade furniture pieces. Oak Arizona is another great place to look when you’re ready to shop for rustic furnishings too.

Bold Colors

We all know and love the vivid colors of Mexican design, don’t we?

A colorful design can be in your wall art, blankets and throws, curtains, you name it. Using vivid reds, golden yellows, deep blues, and a warm earth tone in your own home are some of the popular colors in modern Mexican homes these days. 

Bold colors are a staple in Mexican style bedrooms, adding vibrancy and energy to the space. These colors create a lively and festive look. They reflect the rich cultural heritage of Mexico and its passionate spirit. It could be a vibrant accent wall or colorful textiles, whatever it is, these bold colors evoke a sense of joy and celebration, making Mexican style bedrooms truly unique and captivating. So choosing maybe a Mexican furniture collection with vibrant colors is a great way to get that desired Mexican style bedroom.

Not to mention oh so fun and comforting!

Colorful Art Pieces

Speaking of bold and vibrant colors, using some beautiful Mexican style wall art can really finish off your bedroom the right way.

If you’re wanting something fun, bright and abstract this set of 2 Mexican wall art pieces are perfect.

The colors in this cacti art piece has some of the perfect colors and a bit of an abstract flair to it as well.

And don’t stop at wall art either! Here are some tabletop and shelf decor options that would pair well with your bedroom space:

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Decorative Ceramic Tiles

Something that will no doubt complement your new Mexican style bedroom furniture pieces are ceramic tiles. You really get that beautiful authentic look when adding them as opposed to just carpet or wood flooring.

But let’s talk about the obvious thing that some of you might be thinking, we can’t all just redo our flooring unfortunately and sometimes we have to find other ways to incorporate a certain style into our bedroom design.

Here’s a great example of using some tiles on your bedroom wall to bring in that feel you might be looking for:

If you’re finding that you can’t find it in the budget or have the time to redo flooring or put up tiles, there are some great products that are decorative ceramic tile looking WALLPAPER!

If you need a guide to help you with installing wallpaper, you can check that out here.

This certain design below has all the right colors but also a bit muted.

Using wall covering that resemble ceramic tile is a fantastic budget-friendly option. Check out this bedroom with these beautiful designs on this wallpaper.

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In conclusion, Mexican-style interior design offers a unique and captivating aesthetic for bedrooms. By incorporating elements such as iron furnishings with intricate details, rustic furniture with copper accents, and bold, vibrant colors, you can create a space that gives off authenticity and warmth.

So whether you’re ready to give your entire bedroom a fresh new look or just want to sprinkle some Mexican flair into your space, these design elements and Mexican style bedroom furniture options are here to help you achieve that jaw-dropping, inviting, and oh-so-personalized look you’ve always dreamed of. Get ready to turn your bedroom into a true work of art!

Happy decorating!

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