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Hey friends! I hope you are all doing okay with all that’s been going on lately. It has definitely thrown a curveball to most of us and upheaved our schedules, am I right? 

With all of this Covid-19 craziness going on, Spring has come! And I couldn’t be happier about that. In celebration, let’s look at a fun Spring tablescape and table setting to lighten the mood, shall we? We could all use a little bit of pretty decor inspiration in our lives from time to time!

spring Tablescape

Ah, Spring! How I love you. To be honest, Spring is my favorite time of the year. My front garden tulips have bloomed and I can hear the sweet chirping of happy birds in the backyard trees. Can you feel it too? Can you just hear it?

spring garland with wood bunnies

One other thing I love about Spring is decorating for this season. Between sweet puffy bunny tails to pretty pastels just make me so happy! Ekk! Something I started doing this year has been setting my dining room table for Easter and Spring. Now Easter has come and gone already but Spring is still here to stay! So let’s give our tables some pops of this beautiful time of year just like everything else in our home.

Spring table setting

But, What is a “Tablescape”?

Ah, great question! This term was fairly new to me this year as well but definitely captures the feel of what we are going for. A tablescape is referring to a beautiful table setting using a centerpiece, chargers and plates and other elements you chose to use to decorate your table with. I love getting creative and putting these together because the possibilities are seriously endless! You can do a more practical table setting for different occasions and actually use them OR you can have them be purely decorative.

pink spring table with Rae Dunn

Centerpiece: the Main Focus

Again, it is so easy to get super creative and have fun with this! The centerpiece of your Spring tablescape, or Spring table setting goes in the middle area of your table and is the main focus of your setting. I personally have a round wood table in my dining room as you can see and I used a simple wreath for this and put a galvanized can with Spring flowers as my main attraction.

The below photo is from my good friend, Jen! She is a blogger as well and has an Instagram. Click HERE to visit her blog! Jen used a beautiful pitcher with spring flowers as her main centerpiece not to mention the cutest little truck I’ve ever seen!

Jen's table setting with pink plates

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Get Creative with Chargers

You may know this term or you may not but this is basically what you set your plates on. This can be anything from a beautiful piece of round wood or a woven placemat. There are so many choices out there so look around and get creative and have some fun! Since we are doing a Spring tablescape I chose to include these adorable pink floral chargers from Michaels which I will link if you are interested in purchasing below!

closeup of plates

PSST! Click the images below to shop this look!

The Essentials: Plates and Silverware

Of course we will need plates, napkins, silverware and cups of your choice. If you’ve known me long or been on my blog for a while you know that I collect Rae Dunn (and love it). I decided to use these dishes that I had in my wood hutch for this tablescape and I love how the bright white popped with the woods in this setting!

up close view of table setting

Spring Tablescape Accessories: Even Better!

To top off your beautifully decorated tablescape, you can accessorize to your heart’s content. I chose to use a simple piece of greenery on my charger next to my plate. But here are a few things I have linked below to “complete” your Spring look.

table setting with Rae Dunn dishes

That’s really about it for making a Spring tablescape, friend. Like mentioned before get super creative and make it your own. If you do use these tips and end up making one of your own I would love it if you would send me an email or tag me on Instagram. I love hearing from you!

In case you missed it, last week I had a lovely guest Lauren write a blog post for you about different ways to use your dining area. Read all about that HERE!

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