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Picture this: a Valentine’s Day table setup so fancy and elegant, even a collection of sparkly nail polish is jealous. I’m the kind of girly who thinks getting creative can solve any problem – and don’t get me started on the power of a well-arranged table setting. This article is your backstage pass to getting some fab ideas this Valentine’s Day for your table the next time you host something fancy pants this season. Welcome to the beautiful, elegant and slightly over-the-top universe of Valentines table setting ideas!

I definitely have a big girly-girl streak in me like I said, so seeing these incredible table settings won my heart. The next time you get the gals together for a fun brunch and need ideas for Vday, check these out and get inspired!

I know I did!

Here are some staples to get you that beautiful Valentine’s Day table setting of your dreams:

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Heart-Shaped Tableware

I honestly love this dining table because it could be an easy Valentine’s Day tablescape to set up. The thing is even though it’s simple, it’s GORGEOUS and has all the right accents.

a soft valentine table setting with heart shaped plates
Source Unknown/Pinterest

Between those stunning translucent wine glasses, and the heart shaped plates, who needs a love note when you can come home to this?

White China

Well if this doesn’t say romantic dinner then i don’t know what else does. This white china looks so beautiful with the pink leaf designs and I’m loving the metal heart accents on top.

I didn’t mention this on our staples list but as you can see in this picture she is using gold flatware too. You can definitely bust out your cute gold forks and spoons and showcase them for a sweet family dinner or a girl’s brunch this Valentine’s Day.

How fun would it be to sometimes use your fancier things in everyday life and everyday meals?

Don’t always wait for the perfect opportunity or special occasions to enjoy the nicer things in life on a regular Tuesday evening. I sure wouldn’t complain if i got to eat dinner with this table setup.

White dinnerware is fabulous because it really goes with any color palette. You can use them with any of your other beautiful ideas and use things that you already have in your home decor.

I’m all for that!

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Faux Flowers or Fresh Flowers

For a long time people have said “ Happy Valentine’s Day” with flowers.

Whether it’s spring decorating or Valentine’s Day decorations, flowers are always a staple In my book.

Check out this amazing dining room table adorned with pink roses and other pink flowers.

Simple Floral Centerpieces

Even just adding a centerpiece to your table that is super simple, like a pitcher of flowers, is a great thing to add to your valentine’s day table ideas.

I mean, this tables cape has a simple centerpiece but the whole look of this table is just stunning!

So keep in mind that you don’t always need every single small detail to be loud and extravagant for a stunning Valentine’s Day table setting.

Tea Lights & Votive Candles

I would say using tea lights in your small details on your table is a great way to set the mood for Valentine’s Day. 

In the below picture the way wine glasses are used with the tea lights just blows me away. 


Here’s another fab idea when using votive candles in your table design.

a winter/Valentine's Day themed table with pink and white colors and little tea lights
Source: unknown/pinterest

I love this specific shade of pink color with the white Valentine’s Day tablescape. They always are a great pairing!

Heart Table Runner

I got this simple heart table runner for my last minute valentines tablescape at the dollar tree and had to scoop it up. I think this dollar store dinner table runner was such an easy way to make this a festive table.

valentines heart shaped table runner used in a red colored table decorated for Valentine's Day

side view of red themed valentines table

I just threw this in the center of the table and added some vintage items for a special touch. This red themed table I did had more of a evening dinner on valentine’s day kind of feeling.

Here’s another simple tablescape I threw together using only what I had at home. This one reminds me of getting together for brunch or even hosting a Mother’s Day luncheon.

elegant tablescape for valentines

Birds Eye view of lunch time valentine's table setting

These plates are so special since they used to be my great grandmothers or “granny” as we all lovingly call her. It’s such an honor to be able to use her plates even to this day.

I wrote about Valentine’s Day decorating as a whole back in 2020 and showcased a little table setting I did on my small table back then as well.

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Gold Chargers

This is such a romantic table setting! I’m loving the place settings, the pink flowers for napkin rings and those gold chargers underneath a stack of beautiful plates.

Using gold chargers can really add to a beautiful tablescape.

It adds a bit of romantic ambiance and modern glam and is a great “backdrop” to a lot of different colors.

Other Valentines Table Setting Ideas

There are literally so many other things that could be Valentine’s Day table decorations, some other great things to use for a pretty table could be:

  • Heart-shaped napkins
  • Pink Napkins
  • Love note envelope napkins 
  • Paper hearts
  • Mason jars
  • Crisp white napkins
  • Gold flatware
  • Wine glasses
  • Rae Dunn pottery (valentines theme)
  • Table cloth
  • Table runner
  • Napkin rings
  • Doiles
  • …and so many more!


These are just some valentine table setting ideas to get you started but it’s always a great idea to add in your own personal touch when decorating so that a bit of you shines through.

This is one of my favorite holidays to make beautiful tables capes for and of course incorporate the color pink!

So whether you are buying new things too ad to your table or using what you have like I did, these simple tips should help get your creativity flowing. 

Now the next step is to enjoy some good food and great company at your newly styled tablescape. This is one of my favorite ways to decorate for this special celebration of the day of love.

Tell me in the comments, what other valentine table setting ideas do you have and which one was your favorite listed here?

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