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Valentine’s Day is approaching which means…bring out the hot glue gun and your scissors because we are going to do some DIY Valentine door decorations!

Even though I’m an interior decorator gal, I still love me some crafting sessions. Especially with family. It’s a great way to spend time together and make something beautiful. I had so much fun and loved this craft just as much as my DIY spring gnomes.

I’ve always thought that some cute Valentine’s Day crafting was the perfect way to celebrate this small holiday. 

Which is exactly what my mom, daughter and I did the other day.

I wanted to show you how easy this DIY valentine’s craft was to make and how cute it turned out. It’s an easy peasy dollar tree craft that was fun and simple to do.

When I was finished, I couldn’t wait to hang this baby on my front door and take some pictures to show you. 

So let’s look at what you might need to do this valentines day wood heart project.

DIY Valentine Heart Door Decoration

Here I am providing step-by-step instructions for crafting a charming heart-shaped door decoration using affordable materials from the dollar store. You will discover creative and budget-friendly ways to add a touch of Valentine's Day flair to your home through this easy-to-follow do-it-yourself project.
Prep Time0 minutes
Active Time15 minutes
Keyword: DIY Projects, Valentine’s Day Projects
Yield: 1 heart decoration
Author: Rae


  • 1 pair scissors
  • 1+ piece paper
  • 1 hot glue gun
  • 1+ dollar store wooden heart
  • 1+ piece ribbon
  • 1+ appliques

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DIY Valentine Door Decorations Supply List

– Dollar store wooden hearts (or you can do any dollar tree heart shape such as heavier paper hearts if you wish)

– Scissors

– Paper such as fun construction paper

– Hot glue gun

– Ribbon or lace ribbon

– Wooden appliques

Some other craft supplies you could use could be:

– Paint 

– Faux flowers 

– Tissue paper

– Paper Doily

– Pom poms

– Faux baby’s breath

– Fabric strips

– Coffee Filters

– Polka Dots

The list goes on.

Just be creative and have fun with it. What we did was bring out some supplies that we already had and tried to find some things that we could use from our crafting stash. Sometimes starting with what you have when you’re doing a DIY project craft saves money and puts what crafting things we haven’t used yet, to good use. 

But if you have a specific vision, then take yourself to some craft stores and see what you can find for your own Valentine’s Day door decorations.

Making Your Background

a piece of patterned scrapbooking paper

I decided to put a background on my heart to start this project off. I picked out a cute blue diagonal striped scrapbooking paper that I had left over in my craft supplies from ages ago. I took the wooden heart, turned it around, and then traced the shape of the heart on the back side of my scrapbooking paper.

tracing the wooden heart shape onto the back of the scrapbooking paper

a view of scissors getting ready to cut some paper with a heart shape traced onto it

Here I am getting ready to cut this heart shape out to use as my Valentine’s Day door hanger’s background.

P.s. This is my dining room/living room area which kind of looks more like a craft store at the moment. And I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest!

Layering These Valentine’s Day Decorations

I had this gorgeous vintage bird piece of fabric stuffed in my craft drawer in my office and was waiting for a good time to use it. No time like the present!

heart shaped valentines door decoration with scrapbooking paper and vintage bird themed fabric across one side

I made a mistake cutting my fabric and it got a bit wonky on me.

But I’ve got a fix for that!

Isn’t it Bob Ross who says there are no mistakes, just happy accidents? Don’t be afraid if you “design improvised” your DIY. Because that’s exactly what I did here.

heart shaped door decoration and a piece of ribbon

I chose this beautiful and rustic looking ribbon to go over my “mistake” and it completely covers it.

rustic piece of ribbon laying over where fabric and paper meet

You would never even know!

little girls version of some DIY valentine's day door decorations

My mom, my daughter and I were making our own versions of valentines decorations that we were inspired to create. Here are some of my 7 year old daughter’s creations. She did such a great job and loved every minute of it.

another small off white ribbon getting added to the heart decoration

We had quite a bit of different ribbon options and I loved the ribbon we already had for my little valentine’s day door hangers. So I added another strip.

I guess I was thinking my vision for this would be a soft french cottage style, so the multiple ribbons were perfect.

Adding wooden flower rose appliqués

I got a little stuck before this point for a bit. Then I decided to add some different texture and material. I got these little wooden rose appliqués from the dollar tree when I got my dollar store haul minutes before we started this project.

They. were. perfect.

But there was one small thing I wanted to do with them to make this DIY valentines project more of my own.

showing a bottle of brown paint next to the plain wood rose appliqués

wood rose appliqués on a piece of paper towel painted brown

I thought painting these little roses brown would add in a little bit of rustic charm to my heart craft. It definitely did not to mention it added a new color into the mix.

Here it is after I used my generic glue and paint brush and then deciding to switch over to a hot glue gun because these guys kept wanting to come off.

It holds so much better not to mention the dry time is nothing at all.

brown wooden roses glued

It was really starting to come together and I could finally see the vision!

But knowing me, I wanted more!

adding blue ribbon along the edges of the heart craft

I wanted to get that “finished off” look for my heart since it seemed a bit unfinished to me the way it was. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with leaving the edges untouched, it’s just personal preference.

Here I added some cute blue ribbon to half of the heart around the edges. I put that ribbon around the edges where I had my vintage bird fabric.

adding blue ribbon edging

To mix it up a bit I added some of that same off-white ribbon we used before around the edges where the blue paper was. I thought it gave it a nice “patchy” look.

adding a second type of ribbon to the edging

painting a light coat of white to the wooden roses

At the last minute I just lightly tipped my paint brush into some white paint and barely swiped it across the brown wooden roses to give them a bit of a distressed look.

And here it is all finished!


finished DIY valentines day door decoration

I will say I did end up adding some holes to fish some tiny ribbon through so I could actually use this as a door decoration and hang it from my front door.

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two different style wooden hearts

Here are the finished DIY Valentine door decorations that we created after adding ribbon for hanging it. It was such a fun DIY craft to make together with family and was a great way to finally do another DIY for you and sustain my craft habit.


Other DIY Valentine Door Decoration Crafts

I have a few other DIY Valentine craft ideas for your front door that I just had to share. These are from some other bloggers creative imaginations.

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

Amber over at the Amber Oliver blog shared a really cool option for making diy Valentine’s Day wreaths. Its so simple and oh so cute.

Amber Oliver's diy Valentine's Day wreaths

Dollar Tree Valentine’s DIY Puzzle Piece Heart Craft

Zucchini sisters blog dollar tree valentines craft

Rebecca made this really sweet version of her own valentine decorations that you could hang up. Our diy projects are very similar with them both being heart decorations but I just love her way of creating this!

Cricut Valentine’s Wreath

This is super cool from Denise over at Hootshack. She shows you how to make a heart wreath with her cricut machine. So if you’ve got a cricut, give this one a try!

a paper heart wreath tutorial with hoot shack blog

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I hope you enjoyed this DIY as much as we did. Make sure to get some friends or family to make one with you and make it extra fun. No better way to celebrate this season of love by getting together and making something as a group.

If you did this fun little DIY craft please share in the comments below! Or just tell us what your favorite Valentine’s Day craft is to make.

Happy Crafting!

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