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Fall decorating 101

Fall decorating 101 Intro

Don’t you love autumn? It’s one of my favorite seasons, one of which is Spring. I just love the decor you can play with when its spring or fall. Between cute velvet pumpkins in the autumn and adorable birdhouses in the Spring I just can’t get enough! Let’s look at decorating my fav-FALL. I want to go over a few things to look for when getting started with fall decorating! Here’s fall decorating 101.

I can’t tell you how many adorable fall decorations I’ve found at the thrift store. I love pulling into Goodwill or MRM and looking around September-October. After grabbing my cart and looking at some clothes, because well duh, I hit the decor aisles. I’ve found beautiful fall wreaths, candles, and even a gorgeous pillow that said “Happy Fall”. Can you believe I got this at Goodwill?? Score!

farmhouse living room with thrifted pillow that says "Happy Fall"

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Use real foliage with color

Do you ever take nice long walks around your neighborhood just to look at the beautiful trees that are dropping gorgeous red, yellow, and orange leaves? Something about bundling up in a cute fall sweater with some warm tea or coffee. Soaking up the full extent of fall is so satisfying. If you do go on some beautiful fall walks then scoop up some colorful leaves, sticks, and pinecones for your home. You can incorporate these into your decor easily and bring a pop of fall right into your living room!

Fall colored trees lining a path

Don’t be afraid to sprinkle some leaves into your tiered tray or use some sticks with leaves on them for your vases. If you have a vase with faux foliage already, just add some sticks into that to add more dimension and character. If not, go to your local Dollar Tree and pick up some faux florals to add to your vase and add your sticks. Easy, cheap and beautiful!

Change your throw pillows

Don’t you just love the pillow I found at the thrift store? I believe it was only 3.99 and in perfect shape! I wanted something to add to my couch that added a hint of fall into what I already had. Adding that pillow to my other pillows was the perfect *pop* of autumn that I was looking for. It’s subtle enough to not be overbearing but also makes a statement. Don’t be afraid to add more pillows to your couch with cute lettering or just all solid fall colors.

happy fall pillow on couch fall decorating

Add Fall to your mantle

Adding fall to your mantle can be as simple as adding a few fall touches such as adding pumpkins to your current setup, or redoing your whole space. If you want some quick tips on decorating a mantle in general check this out. Like I said, you can sprinkle a few pumpkins along the edge of the mantle, use a big fall picture, or add some height to your mantle by stacking books to elevate other fall items.

Mantle with big picture of fall landscape and garland

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Front porch styling

First impressions matter, right? One of the first things someone sees when coming to your home is, yep you guessed it, your front porch. Whether your front steps are a small space or a wrap-around porch, you CAN add autumn into that area of your home. I love putting pumpkins along the steps or adorning your front door with a gorgeous garland and wreath. Again, first impressions matter and if you want to add fall into your home, the front steps are the perfect addition to your autumn decorating.

Appalachian Farmhouse farmhouse-porch

Layer fall mats

Something cute that I’ve been seeing lately are layered front door mats. You get yourself a cute front door mat, and another bigger mat to put underneath it. There are so many adorable fall-themed front door mats, it’s crazy! I just love layered mats for your front door, it adds a lot of different texture and dimension. Give it a try and see what combinations you come up with!


The big picture is, you can use any of these ideas to incorporate into your home this fall. It is up to you how much autumn you want to bring into your space. Whether it’s just adding a few pumpkins into your current decor or taking pictures off the wall and adding fall printouts, it’s really up to you! I hope you can use these tips and got something out of fall decorating 101. Dont forget to subscribe! Have a great start to your fall season and see you next time!

Love, Rae Elizabeth

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