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Anyone else sometimes a little bit afraid you’ll mess up your walls with your hammer and nail “skills”? A freshly painted wall vs. a hammer and nails can be a bit scary. Especially if you keep messing up. Since bubblegum just isn’t an acceptable alternative, something had to work out there. 

Something that could hang my pictures securely. 

Something that would be impossible to mess up. 

Something I can move around with no damage.

Plot twist, there is! 

I have to tell you about how I’m giving up my hammer and nails because of Rendition Gallery.

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Sticky Situation: Rendition Gallery’s Solution

If you’re like me, things happen and you struggle to get the right measurement and end up with a bunch of nail holes in your walls.

NO thanks.

I’ve been there, done that.

I wanted to try something that would alleviate that problem, especially when creating a gallery wall in my home.

I was definitely interested when a company called Rendition Gallery reached out to me asking to send photo frames with an adhesive backing. No nails required.

They claimed to use an adhesive on the back of their frames so they stick to walls securely. Peel the backing off the adhesive and stick. That’s it.

I was in!

Ordering and Unboxing

I started by ordering my frame and photo sizes. I chose my frame color, style and what photos I wanted in them, easy peesy.

rendition gallery website ordering page

When they arrived, I was surprised at how lightweight the frames were. Which I would think is a plus if you’re using adhesive backing to hold up your frame.

The frames were nicely wrapped in paper and came in different sized boxes. When I pulled them out they were damage free and were ready to roll.

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rendition gallery mail boxes

Each frame had its own sticky adhesive covered by a backing strip. Each photo frame had only one adhesive strip, which would worry me at first, but the kicker?

No glass.

Because it didn’t have any glass in the frame it was extremely light and the one sticky strip was plenty strong enough to secure the frame to the wall.

I’ll admit that did surprise me at first but upon thinking about it more it makes sense because glass can be so heavy.

I was ready to put Rendition Gallery’s frames to the test.

rendition gallery frame up close no glass

Testing It Out: Pros and Cons


As I mentioned before, there aren’t many steps at all when installing these frames.

It’s as easy as peeling off the protective backing strip to expose the adhesive and stick where you want your frame to go on the wall.

peeling off adhesive backing on frame

It was extremely easy and pain-free and took no time at all.

I would say to make sure you know where you want your frames on the wall for certain.

I made sure to put my frames on the floor before I peeled the protective adhesive strip off and arranged them in the right order. That way, I was sure how I wanted my frames BEFORE sticking them.

photo frames on floor

Peel, stick, done!

Potential Pros and Cons

There are a few potential pros and cons for Rendition Gallery’s adhesive frames. It does depend upon what you’re looking for and what features are most important to you, of course.


  • Frames are very lightweight
  • Rendition Gallery makes it easy so all you need to do is peel and stick
  • If you happen to bump the frame on the wall, unlike using a regular nail to hang your frame, it won’t fall off!
  • Different styles, sizes, and colors to choose from
  • Sturdy after being placed
  • Decent picture prints
  • Seems to be durable
  • Budget-friendly


  • If you like the look of glass with your frame, then go with a different option as there is no glass included.
  • You may need to really push the frame well onto your wall to make sure it won’t fall off and is secure.

I will say that there will be different pros and cons for different individuals. If you don’t mind not having glass in the frame and just want a sturdy and easy to use frame for instance, this is right for you!

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Overall Consensus

Even though, as I said, different people value different things in their products. But for me personally, I would definitely purchase these frames again.

The great thing is that you can choose to have family pictures or even your favorite art printed and shipped to you and easily peel, stick and enjoy.

woman putting photo frame on the wall

The lightweight and peel and stick feature and the way that Rendition Gallery made everything so easy to use made it a winner in my book. Personally, it’s my pet peeve when I walk by a gallery wall and a frame falls off when I accidentally bump it. So having Rendition Gallery’s adhesive frames was definitely a nice change.

Not to mention some peace of mind if one of my kids bumps a wall!

I thought that the price point was great and a bonus, Rendition Gallery has quite a few great sales regularly.



I must say, so far my experience with these peel and stick frames were most definitely positive. And if you’re like me, and are someone who could benefit from some frames that don’t require a hammer and nails, then I recommend Rendition Gallery for your framing needs.

This is also a great option for someone who has kids or pets and might be concerned about falling frames as this product is light as well as stays in place.

photo frames on a stairwell wall

I was pleased with how my gallery wall looks and even more thrilled with how easy and sturdy everything was.

No more holes in this wall!

In closing, when it comes to sticking your special memories together, Rendition Gallery’s adhesive-backed frames might just be the thing that holds it all! Whether you’re a framing pro or a first-time DIY decorator, here’s to sticking with the best.

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