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Stunning Accent Wall Ideas For the Kitchen To Try Now

There are many ways to elevate the look of your home in so many different styles. But one of the easiest ways to add some interest to your space for essentially any design style are accent walls! Accent walls can really be for any room of your home and is a fantastic way to have a nice focal point to your space. One room that you can add a nice feature wall to, which might surprise you, is the kitchen. Here are some fun kitchen accent wall ideas that have been popular options these days. 


6 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Cohesive

Ever wonder what’s missing in your home? Or maybe there’s just something that just isn’t quite right even though you thought that you’ve tried your absolute best? Maybe even poured your heart and soul into it? Been there! Most likely, what you are lacking is just some cohesive flow. But how do you know how to get this “flow” or “cohesiveness”? Let’s dive in and look at some very easy-to-change reasons why your home doesn’t have that cohesive design in the first place, shall we?

Let’s explore the secrets to achieving a cohesive home by some mistakes that might have been made. Hopefully they will leave you feeling inspired and excited to embark on your own design adventure! 

Let’s get started!


What Is My Decorating Style? Easily Find Out!

So you love decorating your home, but which style fits you best? I won’t lie, there are many many variations of these fundamental styles, but this should give you an idea of which ones you gravitate more toward. Here are a few home decor styles for you to browse through so you can see which one fits you best. You will be able to focus more on the one you love! So let’s go through them so you won’t have to think, “What is my decorating style?”.


How to style a mantle- 3 easy steps

Getting started: Style a mantle

Not sure how to style a mantle? No worries!

I got you, girl!

Let’s look at how to style a mantle:

So, what are some good tips on setting up that empty space above your fireplace? If you’re like me, you are seeing gorgeous pictures of perfectly styled mantles all over the web. What’s their secret? How can we achieve the same-ish look? I’m going to show you just three easy steps on how to style a beautiful mantle.

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