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Ever wonder what’s missing in your home? Or maybe there’s just something that just isn’t quite right even though you thought that you’ve tried your absolute best? Maybe even poured your heart and soul into it? Been there! Most likely, what you are lacking is just some cohesive flow. But how do you know how to get this “flow” or “cohesiveness”? Let’s dive in and look at some very easy-to-change reasons why your home doesn’t have that cohesive design in the first place, shall we?

Let’s explore the secrets to achieving a cohesive home by some mistakes that might have been made. Hopefully they will leave you feeling inspired and excited to embark on your own design adventure! 

Let’s get started!

What Exactly is a “Cohesive Home”?

As the blogger, Amanda Katherine explains,

“If you’ve ever looked at designer homes, you probably noticed how perfectly cohesive they are. Each room flows into the next, with no disruptions. Every space is so well-thought out and the colors and furniture all compliment each other nicely, from the kitchen to the master bedroom to the office.”

Having a cohesive home is a home that “flows together”. You want to make a space that compliments each other nicely. The furniture, rugs, paint colors, etc…

If you find that you don’t have that cohesive look or “flow” that you need, there could be a few different ways you could be making mistakes. You could notice that a couple different rooms don’t look like the rest of the house or that there are way too many different elements and decorating styles in just one room.

If that’s you, you aren’t alone.

You don’t have to be an expert on home design or color theory to be able to spot where you might be going wrong. It might be a good idea to check out your own home and see if you might be falling into any of these categories.

A cohesive home is like a symphony of design elements that work in perfect unison, reflecting your unique style and personality. It’s a place where colors, patterns, and textures intertwine, telling a captivating story of your personal journey.

The good news is that once you know what to look for, it won’t take a lot of time to see where you maybe just need to make a few changes.

#1: You Lack A Theme

It can be pretty darn hard to know what direction you want the room that you are decorating to go. Not if you have a theme or “style” that you have in mind though! Even if you have a faint idea of what type of style you want in that room, that can be a HUGE help. 

Just as I mentioned these design tips in my post about finding out your own decorating style, sometimes even looking inside your wardrobe is helpful. 

Thinking of your favorite colors you might be drawn to, will make a HUGE impact! 

farmhouse themed area

There are sooo many decorating themes out there to look at if you suspect that your home isn’t cohesive. Again, in my finding your style of decor post, there are some popular ones that may draw you in, such as rustic, glam, farmhouse, or traditional. But what if you can’t just pick one? The eclectic style is you, my friend. 

Picture this: your living room is a modern oasis with sleek lines and minimalist vibes, but then you step into your dining room and it’s a mishmash of eclectic patterns and an antique dining table. 

Trust me, this can disrupt the flow and cohesion throughout your entire home!

Why settle for a disjointed and confusing visual experience when you can create a space that reflects your own unique personal style? By sticking to a consistent decorating style throughout your home, you’ll achieve an incredible sense of unity and create a space that truly feels like “you.”

Imagine walking through your home, from room to room, and experiencing a seamless transition of colors, textures, and overall ambiance. It’s like stepping into a beautifully curated story that’s authentically yours!

No matter what style you choose as a whole or even fuse a few together, you have somewhat of a guide.

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#2: You Don’t Have A 60/30/10

What the heck? 60/30/10? 

If you haven’t heard of this design “rule” yet, you’re in for a treat! This rule is all about having a consistent color palette in your home.

Even if you don’t feel confident in picking a color, especially if you’re already discouraged when your home isn’t cohesive and all, this makes it easy.

 If I can learn it you can too friend!

When designing a room, you can pick as many colors as your heart desires in my book, that’s why it’s called an ART! Am I right, y’all? But as a rule, to follow if you’re stuck, pick three main colors for your room. 

We want to pick the main color that will be in most of our room such as our wall color perhaps, (our 60%).

We want to pick a secondary color, which will cover the next bigger chunk, (our 30%).

And we also need to pick the accent color for our space that will be around “here and there” and our pops of color, (our 10%).

home isn't cohesive example
Credit: My Domaine

For instance, in my first home my 60/30/10 were white walls, brown furnishings and wood tones, and mainly green accent pieces.

P.s. This is a good starting guide but it’s okay to have a couple accent colors if you’d like. The idea is to use this to have a consistent color scheme in your room and better yet, a whole home color palette with consistent colors! Or making sure to use a similar color palette throughout your entire home.

TIP: If you want to learn more about beginner decorating tips, check out my ebook!

60/30/10 rule pie chart
Image credit:
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#3: You Don’t Have A Plan

We did just talk about having a THEME or STYLE already, I know, I know. But I promise this is different. 

So maybe you have your style and colors all nailed down, but do you have a loose PLAN on placement for instance?

Let’s say that you want an amazing gallery wall to display all of your beautiful family members. Instead of just throwing different things up on the wall all willy nilly, try making a plan.

woman in kitchen with brick walls

My favorite way to tackle a gallery wall is to place the items and/or frames you’re wanting to use on the floor first.

Weird yet?

By doing this, you can see what you have and move them around until you like how they look together, just as you would want them to on the wall. This way, it saves you some holes in the wall and some major freaking out later.

In the below photo I was about to hang a basket wall and needed to lay down all my baskets on the floor BEFORE putting them on the wall. That way, I was sure about my placement.

arranging baskets on the floor before nailing them to a wall

Making a plan is key in any home but think about an open-concept floor plan in a home, when working with all of those open spaces, you can see a lot of the home in one shot.

One of the most important things you can do is have a plan before you start designing.

Making a plan for a defined color palette like we talked about earlier and planning out your placement of different furniture pieces can be the easiest way to make sure that you current home is a cohesive space.

Give it a try and by doing this you will never wonder why your home isn’t cohesive anymore! At least on the wall that is!

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#4: But, What’s New Currently?

Don’t get me wrong here, I do love to keep up with what’s going on in the decor world. Because you never know if you will find some new amazing way of doing something or some cool style that fits you better. 

But hear me out when I say, don’t always change up constantly due to the ever-changing trends.

Even though it’s nice to see what’s out there, it can hurt if you’re not careful.

One possible reason why your home isn’t cohesive at all could be that one area is completely different colors and styles than across the room. This could be because you started to follow your own design style but than that top selling magazine had you thinking that you needed to follow the new trend that was up and coming for that year.

a pile of trendy magazines

What if you have a few design elements that are from when you were loving all things antiques and then you felt like that was out and you needed to change everything to a modern home feel? You might find that you’ve got a few different styles that you don’t love together. 

Again, decorating is an art and I do believe you should do what you like, but IF you find yourself struggling with cohesive home decor, this could be a problem. I’m a big believer in having your own timeless signature style in your home’s design.

Now sometimes you find that your taste changes as you go through life, and that’s okay! Just make sure that you are decorating with what YOU love and that you aren’t chasing the trends too much.

#5: You May Lack a Common Denominator

You might be thinking, “Uhm what does math have anything to do with decorating my home whatsoever, Rae?!” or “I stink at math, can I skip this part?”

Uhm, no! Hush that thought friend.

I’ll tell you exactly why this can matter and could be the missing piece.

In my ebook, I do talk a bit about something called your “Inspiration Piece”. I LOVE using this method when decorating a blank slate. 

But what’s an “Inspo Piece”?

cute basket with teapot with vignette

If you are stuck on redecorating and wanting your room to flow nicely together, start by picking out one decor item that you absolutely adore. If you love the style of this item, the colors, the texture, you name it, then it may be a good “Inspo Piece” or common thread.

Your “inspo piece could be anything such as a great piece of furniture that you just love everything about. Maybe you’re looking at area rugs and find one particular rug that you want to build your whole family room off of. It could be a coffee table or some side tables with some metal finishes that you adore. Whatever that “thing” is, build your room around it!

After you have this item you love, start picking out other things you need to decorate and furnish your room that is like your inspiration piece.

Depending on what you chose your inspiration piece could be a fantastic focal point in your area as well.

Whether it’s the same colors or style, they should flow together.

Continue to keep looking for things that compliment your beloved item, and BOOM! You just may find yourself with a nice, coordinated space that you are proud of.

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#6: Home Isn’t Cohesive Still? Time For Help.

Okay so maybe you went through this list and you still find that you still don’t have that cohesive home design. 

What in the world??

There’s really no shame in asking for help. Even if you want to totally skip this tip, that’s totally fine but it does work.

You might ask your family or friends for their outside opinion on what’s off about the room or better yet, hire an interior decorator/designer. They can give you some really helpful tips and the best part? You can still have a beautiful and cohesive space that is your own style.

They know how to make your house “tie” together by starting the project the right way and making sure that YOU are represented and heard.

Rae setting a table at her home

A good home decorator will always carefully listen to you and do everything in their power to let a little bit of your personality shine through. I’d LOVE to help you achieve a more cohesive home all while letting your home look like it is just so “YOU”!

If you’re interested in getting my help to design a more cohesive space, then read this.

As always, don’t be afraid to ask me any questions and comment below which tip on this list surprised you the most.

Which one had you heard of before?

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6 reasons why your home isn't cohesive

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