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Ever feel like your kitchen just…needs some pizazz? Does it need some love? Well, I’d say it needs a weekend kitchen refresh!

OK, I’ll be honest, my kitchen wasn’t awful by any means to start out with, but it was too generic for my liking. 

I wanted to add my own style.

Making a Plan

Tracking back to several years ago, I didn’t like my boring white walls and 90’s countertops, and so I did something, anything about it.

I painted my kitchen a bright yellow. And not a subtle nice yellow but a circus, taming lions in the backyard type of yellow. Now some people can paint their space that shade of yellow and just make it look fabulous but it still lacked my style. But back then I wasn’t 100% sure what that was yet. Ever been there? It takes time and maybe some inspiration to know what yours could be. But more on that in another post…

After a couple of years of keeping my cheery (and loud) shade of yellow, I decided what I wanted. I did some research and lots of browsing on Instagram (check mine out here) and finally had a basic idea of what I was looking for. I would recommend looking at Pinterest and Instagram for some beautiful kitchen inspo. There are so many beautiful kitchens out there in different home decor styles as well. 

I finally decided I loved the farmhouse brick backsplash in the kitchen and went hunting for some ideas on how to achieve that. Now there are many ways to get this look. There’s real brick, a faux brick backsplash with grout, or, the lazy person’s way aka my way, wallpaper.

Psst, Click the images below to shop for these items!

The Brick wallpaper

Before you looked at me like that, I was unsure about wallpaper too. You think about the 90’s floral wallpaper and shutter. But if you look around, you can find great looking styles that are current. I went on Amazon and found the wallpaper that I was happy with and pushed “BUY NOW”. I recruited my husband to help with the application since he is better at getting things more precise.

man putting on wallpaper

At first, I wanted all four walls to be the brick wallpaper, but after some family recommended otherwise, I went with two brick walls and two gray painted walls. Thankfully I love the result. We went to town with the peel and stick wallpaper. We first wiped down the walls thoroughly which is an important step. The paper needs clean walls to cling to without any grime. Kitchen walls actually have a lot of grime on them and are sticky even if we clean our kitchens frequently so don’t forget this step. 

After that was done, we started to peel and stick.

brick wallpaper on

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We finally got both walls done after putting on some tunes and getting to work. We made sure there were no bubbles in the paper as we worked our way down the wall. 

Smoothing it out as you go down is the way to go.

The weekend kitchen refresh paint

After we finished the wallpapering, I went ahead and bought some gray paint from Ace hardware and painted the other two remaining walls. As my husband told me, “Don’t forget to tape!”

weekend kitchen refresh paint

I ended up putting two thicker coats on those walls and gently using a small brush set the edges. By then, it was looking fabulous and just my style, but something was missing…

Accessorizing the kitchen

Ever hear the saying, “The accessories make the outfit”? Well, the same can be said about your home. The walls could be exactly what you want but if you don’t add the right decor that you like, it will feel off.

I got this amazing industrial shelf and just love styling it for all the seasons. It’s so fun and so simple. I just love it when a new holiday rolls around and I can change my shelf in my kitchen. Ekk! If you’re like me and love farmhouse style I would recommend all the open shelving you can do! It can be really affordable and you can easily change up the whole look of your space!

kitchen shelf

Click the images below to shop the look!

corbels and kitchen farmhouse sign

Don’t forget to click the photos below to shop the look!

I also decided to put a few things above the cabinets to fill that space as well as just a few items on my countertop. Check it out…

brick kitchen and shelf weekend kitchen refresh complete

Next will be the cabinets! But speaking of kitchens, come over here and see how to make a coffee bar! Just keep that weekend kitchen refresh going!

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