14 Best Decorations That Hang From Your Ceiling

The wall is a pretty popular place to hang art, pictures, decorative plates, shelves, and the list goes on. But what about decorations that hang from your CEILING?

Unless you are striving to be a minimalist, your walls can sure get crowded in a hurry. 

One thing that I used to do was fill every spot on the wall but still feel like something was off and even maybe… empty. 

Well, what I started realizing and noticing on places like Pinterest, was that I could lessen the load on my walls, and start using some other prime real estate.


Your Organizing Questions Answered: Interview With Alexandra From Living Simply PGH

Hey! It’s Rae. I have a very special guest interview with Alexandra Kozak from Living Simply PGH. She is a pro organizer and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. I reached out to her so we could do a little interview to get all of your organizing questions answered.

She can be found over on her website to answer any others questions you may have.

If you ever find yourself wondering how to better your home, especially through organizing, this is for you.

Let’s get into it!


Bedroom Makeover Part 1: Peel and Stick Wallpaper Tutorial 

I’m giving you a two part blog series about my newest bedroom makeover. This will be part one of a couple of posts and this post will be showing you a quick way to update any wall, via the peel and stick wallpaper tutorial!

I’ve got quite the project for you. We bought a new home last summer and I’ve slowly been working on transforming each room. Because, well, you’ve got to make it your own you know!


Celebrating Earth Day: DIY Vase and Flowers Craft

Some of you in your homes may celebrate Earth Day and this year I wanted to give you a great and fun way to celebrate. And a bonus, it can be with the whole family- with a fun DIY Earth Day craft.

Constructing a craft with your kids to celebrate this holiday is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved ones. But also making something uniquely your own. The unfortunate side of crafting can be the expense as well as all the waste that can happen.

That’s why this craft is perfect; it’s made from things already found in your pantry or from recyclable and repurposed items!


Spring-Time Table Setting For Brunch

Oh me, oh my! It’s Spring-Time! One of the best ways to celebrate this season is getting together with your best gals and have a Springtime brunch! And why not? I believe that when you get the chance to celebrate, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to jump on it. No matter the day. So let’s look at some amazing ways to set your very own Spring time table setting for brunch!

I had the honor of teaming up with some of the best bloggers for a spring blog hop, where we all will be showing you our take on a spring time tablescape for any occasion this season. So don’t forget to click on those ladies posts to see their beautifully styled tables as well at the end of this post!

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