A Clean Slate: How To Refresh My Home After The Holidays

Wow, I can’t believe it but Christmas and new years are officially over and now it feels like we are back to normal routines. With the holiday season gone, are you team “bummed that the holidays are over” or team “ready to move things along to the new year already”?

No matter what team you find yourself in this year, we all have sometimes found ourselves thinking, “I’m ready to refresh my home” in one way or another.

If this is you, here are some great ideas on how to work with a clean slate in your home and maybe that “my house is empty” feeling we all sometimes get.


Peel, Stick, Admire: Unveiling Rendition Gallery’s Adhesive Frames For Your Memories

Anyone else sometimes a little bit afraid you’ll mess up your walls with your hammer and nail “skills”? A freshly painted wall vs. a hammer and nails can be a bit scary. Especially if you keep messing up. Since bubblegum just isn’t an acceptable alternative, something had to work out there. 

Something that could hang my pictures securely. 

Something that would be impossible to mess up. 

Something I can move around with no damage.

Plot twist, there is! 

I have to tell you about how I’m giving up my hammer and nails because of Rendition Gallery.


The Perfect Christmas Day At Home- Magical Family Traditions To Try

Let’s look back for a second, remember when you were a starry-eyed kid at Christmas? The feeling leading up to that magical day couldn’t be compared, the lights, the presents, the food, and the sheer MAGIC you felt?

When you pass that time and grow into a stressed, overworked adult, that magic can fade away. But, I have some amazing and surefire ways to make Christmas magical for your kids and also…for yourself. Let’s dive in and look at what the perfect Christmas Day and 6 magical family traditions can look like.

Come on!


Colorful Mexican Style Bedroom Furniture To Boost Your Style

Mexican interior design tends to use rustic wood, vibrant colors, and old world style furniture in Mexican style bedrooms. It is largely because of the beautiful Mexican style bedroom furniture that is chosen that makes the room have that authentic feel and sense of warmth.

You might be wondering how to make the Mexican-style bedroom of your dreams, so let’s go ahead and look at a few things to include on your shopping list or the next time your browsing through the furniture catalog.


DIY Mantle Magic: Create a Charming Mantle for Your Home with Simple Steps

Have you ever thought that you’d love the comfiness and coziness of a fireplace mantle but maybe your house didn’t come with one? What do you do? You can take matters into your own hands and create a charming DIY mantle for yourself in no time. My husband and I didn’t have a mantle in this particular room so we DIY’d our own and it’s fabulous. If you want a mantle to call your very own, let’s look at how exactly you can make one yourself.


The Best Reviewed Kitchen Trash Cans You Need in 2023

We’ve all been there. A gross, smelly, grimy kitchen trash can in plain sight in our kitchen staring us down. There has GOT to be something better out there. Kitchen trash cans are definitely not always an exciting topic but having trash cans in our homes is a basic necessity and a must. So why not get some trash can ideas that have a more sleek design and function well? Or better yet, a garbage can that is hidden and doesn’t smell at all? Yes please. Let’s look at some of the best reviewed kitchen trash cans out there for 2023, you might just decide you need it.

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