How To Decorate

Six ways to Decorate For Free

It can be discouraging to WANT to decorate your freshly moved in house or re-decorate your lived-in home, with zero dollars to spend. Hobby Lobby is calling your sweet name and that obnoxiously cute fall decor just can’t wait. Well, what are your options when you have a budget of zero? I will show you some easy (and fun) ways on how to decorate for free.

There have been many times where, in my case, I have had no money to spend. Like zero, nothing. It wasn’t in the budget for me to go to Tjmaxx or even Goodwill to browse. And you know what? That’s okay because I have some things up my sleeve for you to implement when the budget just won’t allow.


How to style a mantle- 3 easy steps

Getting started: Style a mantle

Not sure how to style a mantle? No worries!

I got you, girl!

Let’s look at how to style a mantle:

So, what are some good tips on setting up that empty space above your fireplace? If you’re like me, you are seeing gorgeous pictures of perfectly styled mantles all over the web. What’s their secret? How can we achieve the same-ish look? I’m going to show you just three easy steps on how to style a beautiful mantle.


How to make a Basket Wall

So one day I realized something…

Girl, I NEED a basket wall in my house.

I noticed that I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful farmhouse or boho basket walls on Instagram and Pinterest and had to have one. After getting my baskets I settled on the placement above. Now, I love my dining room as well as my whimsical basket wall. Want to make your own basket collage? Come on, I’ll show you.

finished product for a basket wall with garland
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