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What To Bring To A Housewarming Party

Guest post by Katie of Giftablee.com

Hello! My name is Katie from the gift ideas and product recommendation blog, Giftablee. I’m so excited to be working with RaeElizabethDesign on this home interior design collaboration. Today, I’m bringing you the top 10 best gifts ideas for what to bring to a housewarming party. Be sure to head over to Giftablee.com to read Rachel’s post How to Make an Old Home Look Modern. You’ll find all our favorite products linked throughout both posts. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters to get our free gifts to you! Now, let’s get started!


Clever Ways To Restyle

Bored with your current space lately? You like the decor, the setup, and everything really, but it just needs a fresh new look. Am I right? But how do you restyle your home without getting all the new stuff? Well, let me tell you! Let’s look at some clever ways to restyle your spaces!


Farmhouse Decorating: For Beginners

Ever wonder how to get that farmhouse look for yourself? You see it all over social media, but where to begin? There’s just so much out there that it can be very overwhelming to decide how to get the farmhouse look, but also have it be something you like. So here I will show you how to start farmhouse decorating in this farmhouse decorating: for beginners post!


Staying at Home: 5 Ways to Use your Dining Space while Staying at Home

Hi friends! It’s Rachel! I wanted to introduce my friend Lauren who will be sharing a great blog post with you today below. She will be sharing tips on using your dining space. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget I will be writing a post on her blog as well! So after this head over to her blog at the end of this article to read mine!

For many of us, our dining space is functioning as much more than just a place to eat. Our dining space is a place to congregate, work, and learn. Now instead of the kitchen being the heart of the home, the dining room has become the center of how we use our homes today.


Six ways to Decorate For Free

It can be discouraging to WANT to decorate your freshly moved in house or re-decorate your lived-in home, with zero dollars to spend. Hobby Lobby is calling your sweet name and that obnoxiously cute fall decor just can’t wait. Well, what are your options when you have a budget of zero? I will show you some easy (and fun) ways on how to decorate for free.

There have been many times where, in my case, I have had no money to spend. Like zero, nothing. It wasn’t in the budget for me to go to Tjmaxx or even Goodwill to browse. And you know what? That’s okay because I have some things up my sleeve for you to implement when the budget just won’t allow.

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